Food and Beverage Can You Find in JAMBI

Edinburgh is a city rich with culinary. In addition to typical foods like Tempoyak, goulash Patin, and Mie Celor, turns in Jambi there are also unique pastries pretty seductive tongue. Besides as snacks, pastries course is also suitable for serving iftar.

1. Gelamai Perentak / Gelamai Perentak

The food was very fitting to be served. That said, the present trend that many people tend to like gelamai parentak. Enak heck was great .... can not believe? Yes attempted wrote itself. Anyway klo later served many are like. Including our families.

2. Panggang Ikan Mas / Grilled Goldfish

Ikan Bakar Mas is the most traditional recipes fans. Grilled carp recipes with simple seasoning and soy sauce has a spicy taste delicious maknyus. When there is a gathering with friends or when the new year the most memorable things of course grilled fish events simultaneously. Grilled carp often the choice because it has a taste more delicious and easy way is also quite easy. With spice seasoning simple and inexpensive will generate aroma of fragrant grilled carp and of course invited to eat immediately.

Ikan Bakar Mas is a traditional recipe heritage of the ancestors. Options in the carp because the fish display is large enough so more steady served grilled rather than fried. Goldfish are not only delicious when roasted, but also has a savory taste when made pepes. You are a big fan of steamed fish, try to make dishes steamed carp with a smear of soy sauce seasoning.

Ikan Bakar Mas spicy taste with a splash of soy sauce is very delicious eaten with warm white rice or directly in food. Usually when a new years party fairly steady despite only dipped into soy sauce. For young people like you are certainly very fond of spicy dishes such as grilled chicken salad seasoning enough time menguyahnya swing tongue.

3. Sambal Balacan / Sambal Balacan

Sambal belacan or commonly known as sambal balacan is already very common and favorite of residents chili lovers. Generally belacan chili recipe is found and becomes a typical area of ​​the island of Sumatra and Malaysia only. However usut calibaration outdoor areas of the island of Sumatra and Malaysia or areas of Java island also familiar with this sauce, but with a different name of course. The name that is known for sambal belacan is also known as chili paste.

The word "shrimp paste" is not a new thing for the Malay community. Shrimp paste is a word that is quite familiar in this Malay land, especially Riau and Riau Islands. Perhaps, history never wrote the person who first used this word.

Shrimp paste in the national language Countries Indonesia known by the name "paste" In Malaysia, also named "belacan" and in Thailand called "kapi". In Indonesia, condiment often associated with the history of the city of Cirebon (meaning water (shrimp) rebon in Sundanese language). But clearly belacan can be mixed with a variety of cuisines in addition can be made sambal. There is an interesting if it was made in sambal belacan.

4. Sele Nenas / Sele Pineapple

Typical pineapple jam jambi complementary materials commonly used for bread or cake nastar.

There are several benefits of pineapple for the health of our body including digestion, Accelerate the wound healing process, Acts as a cleanser, Troubleshooting dandruff, helps soften the food, Streamlining menstruation, Adding blood sugar, prevent cancer, constipation Overcoming and Coping skin inflammation.

5. Nasi Gemuk / Rice Fat

Fat rice spiced rice dish is typical of Jambi, plump rice in terms of taste is very similar to rice uduk Betawi which distinguishes besides the spices used are a side dish when penyajianya. Usually fat rice eaten at breakfast. Rice fat can also be found in Malaysia or Singapore, but there is more fat rice known as Nasi Lemak, because it feels oily and content of coconut milk in it.

6. Padamaran / Padamaran

Gentle Padamaran cake Typical Jambi is the name of a typical type of traditional cake Jambi belonging to the wet cake, this cake made from materials such as rice flour, coconut milk, brown sugar and the juice of the leaves suji. Ways of making this cake is by steaming using banana leaves as a container, usually shaped to resemble a small bowl or cup Jambi people call it "Takir". The texture of the cake itself is almost like porridge but less dense, while the sweet and savory flavors of refined sugar is produced from a mixture of red and a splash of coconut milk sauce.

Padamaran cake is usually what you get when the fasting month only, because this cake belong to the menu takjil Ramadan. But with a growing culinary world, these foods already you can get in a typical bake sale Jambi, it's all because the cake padamaran classified delicious cake that you should try. Well, for those of you who want to try please just visit some pastry shop is presenting this cake, but the cake is sometimes difficult in getting the cake cake padamaran classified as perishable.

7. Nasi Minyak / Rice Oil

Rice Oil is a typical food of Palembang, besides Pempek should you taste. In the province of Jambi also Rice Oil. The difference, if typical oil Jambi rice eaten with curry sauce. While oil rice typical South Sumatra just eaten alone with a side dish.

Actually oil rice is rice that is processed using cumin oil. If the rice is called cumin oil, become long. So, people just call it rice Palembang oil alone.

8. Kue Gandus / Gandus Cake

Gandus cake is one of the traditional cake from Palembang. This Gandus cake made of rice flour which is then given a sprinkling of dried shrimp, celery, fried onions, and red pepper on the part on it. The process of making cookies is relatively easy Gandus.

9. Kue Srikayo / Ketan Srikayo Cake

Jambi typical cake on this one is a cake that is very unique because instead of flour as basic materials, but tape / Tapai. To make it quite easy, by mixing the dough tape with coconut milk and added dyes and fragrances, pandan leaves. In order to be more savory taste, add sugar and spices. Placed in containers made from banana leaves makes cakes Srikaya shades of green and natural.

10. Kue Buayo Berenang / Cakes Buayo Swim

This cake is also funny shape like a crocodile. Cake with a unique name is made from glutinous rice flour by pandan paste the content of the brown sugar and grated coconut, coconut milk and then watered. This cake is placed on the container or cup. Fat coconut milk mixed with a sweet taste chewy and then to create unique taste sensation on the tongue.

11. Kue Lumpang / Lumpang Cake

Mortar cake is one of the names the type of wet cake typical of the city of Palembang. The cake is very popular everywhere, so you can enjoy it wherever you are. The mortar cake has a sweet flavor that is fitting also has a texture that is soft and gentle so it fits perfectly with our tongue. To make any kind of food or dishes must require highly specialized skills, especially in baking this mortar. Mortar cake included in class wet cake snacks that are usually enjoyed with coffee for breakfast in the morning. This soft mortar cake can shake your tongue when enjoyed it. To make the mortar cake is indeed very easy, but to be really careful in the drafting process in order to obtain maximum results. This cake is usually served with a sprinkling of grated coconut steamed with a mixture of fine salt to make it more tasteful again.

12. Kue 8 Jam / Cakes 8 Hours

For you people palembang certainly no stranger to the cake eight hours. Why is called cake-eight hours? supposedly said because during the roasting process this cake, takes eight hours to process them until cooked. Palembang typical cake is often served as a dish for the guest of honor and also often served at the feast.

13. Kue Klepon / Kelepon Cake

Klepon cake is one type of cake snacks typical of Indonesia. Klepon cake is included in the group category of cakes are much favored. In addition to good taste, this traditional cake has a texture that is very soft and chewy.

14. Dodol Kentang Kerinci / Kerinci Dodol Potatoes

Potatoes dodol snack Kerinci is highly favored by tourists and is often used as souvenirs typical of Jambi. Dodol is made from the best quality potatoes from the Hills Foot of Mount Kerinci. It feels supple, sweet and savory. As an option, these snacks are available in a variety of flavors that taste of durian, pandan, strawberry, pineapple and palm sugar.

15. Kue Burgo / Cakes Burgo

This jambi tebuat typical cake from a mixture of rice flour and corn farmer. Burgo cake has a very interesting shape, which is like egg rolls. To serve, first cut the dough into babarapa last part disiriam coconut milk and sprinkled with fried onions. A sauce made of fish broth and shrimp cakes were originally made sense feels rubbery to be more savory and steady.

16. Kue Putri Kandis Pelangi / Kandis Princess Rainbow Cake

Kandis Princess cake is a traditional cake which is typical Jambi inherited. This cake is a cake that is unusual and very easy to find, especially in the traditional celebration or other special occasions. The cakes are layered like a rainbow has a complex material and manufacturing steps are rather long. Made from flour, eggs and margarine to make this cake flavor tasted like a sponge, and the number of eggs a lot of textures make cakes daughter Kandis was soft on the tongue.


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