Food and Beverage Can You Find in South Sumatra

North Sumatra is one of the culinary paradise in Indonesia. Travelers can find a variety of regional specialties guaranteed to shake up the tongue. Plus, the provincial capital in this field is also endowed with stunning natural charm.

Lake Toba, for example, is a tourist icon of North Sumatra were already famous to foreign countries. In fact, this lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Well, to be more familiar with the culture of North Sumatra, let us start from the original culinary mengulik any of the province.

1. Brengkes Tempoyak / Brengkes Tempoyak

Tempoyak is fermented durian flesh so that the flavor and aroma and texture of durian flesh was changed.

2. Brengkes Udang / Brengkes Shrimp

Brengkes shrimp is one of the specialties of southern Sumatra province, especially the area of Palembang. Made major shrimp mixed with spices and wrapped in banana leaves, steamed and andapundapat enjoy it along with rice.

3. Bolu Kojo / Kojo Bolu

Bolu Kojo is one of the specialties of Palembang were always presented at the time of traditional events. The food was exceptional served as a breakfast or afternoon tea in the afternoon is very evocative favors with sweetness. Indeed, the hallmark of a sponge cake from Palembang, its South Sumatra, South Sumatra Yanga tastes very sweet because of the use of sugar composition that many times using sweetened condensed milk.

4. Bolu Lapis / Lapis Bolu

Bolu Kue Lapis is one of the specialties of South Sumatra, in addition to good taste, sweet and sticky, it fits really in the foods to eat when the late afternoon.

5. Burgo / Burgo

Burgo is a typical food of Palembang, usually served at a time when the mornings. If you visit Palembang, do not forget to taste burgo, commonly eaten with a sauce made from coconut milk, guaranteed hooked! Burgo has a structure chewy-chewy and served with a sauce that makes it spicy and tasty!

6. Gangan Udang Satang / Gangan Satang Shrimp

Typical cuisine of South Sumatra province that also we can meet in the Province vicinity, gangan shrimp is a dish made from shrimp which have Citara spicy and sour fresh, the shrimp were used to create gangan shall shrimp were large and fresh, do not forget to head on waste and backs cut open so that the shrimp net and the spices easily absorbed when cooked, the shrimp is cooked using herbs and spices of traditional Indonesia, to add sour taste then added also pineapple while cooking, taste ganam delicious made ganam readily accepted by anyone who memakanya so unnecessary culinary afraid to try this one.

7. Gulai Malbi / Stew Malbi

Malbi goulash is a typical food of Palembang. Malbi itself is a term for a dish that resembles a stew so many who say this dish is stew beef. Malbi usually wear extra beef tenderloin and other spices such as Asam Jawa. Malbi is one of the few sweet flavored foods derived from Palembang area because people who prefer spicy dishes.

Malbi usually served with rice oil, crackers and spicy pineapple sauce, pickles which also gives spicy sour taste.

Malbi an ordinary meal served during Eid celebrations or weddings.

8. Gulai Tempoyak / Stew Tempoyak

Tempoyak is fermented durian flesh so that the flavor and aroma and texture of durian flesh was changed, then tempoyak fermented ready to be processed into foods like chili tempoyak and certainly recipes we cook catfish this time tempoyak.

The taste of ripe tempoyak catfish is very fat savory alias, blend sour flavors, spicy aroma of durian is suitable tempoyak eaten with warm rice, tap for those of you who do not like the scent of durian pungent dishes this one.

9. Ikan Pais / Fish Pais

Fish Pais is one of the culinary form pepes which is typical of Bengkulu. This food is made with basic ingredients passionate fish and fish Buli.

10. Ikan Pakasam / Fish Pakasam

Pakasam is a menu of typical dishes from the tribe Banjar, South Kalimantan province. These foods are food products derived from the fermentation of freshwater fish that tastes sour. Pakasam mainly known in South Kalimantan. This food is usually flavored with chilli and sugar again, before being served as side dishes.

In some areas there was a call preserved fish or Iwak Samu. Pakasam famous as specialties in Hulu Sungai Tengah (HST). Pakasam manufacture Sentra is the famous village of Sungai Mahang Hanyar, sub Pandawan. Therefore, Pakasam of HST often called Pakasam Mahang, referring to the name of the producing regions.

Pakasam made from marinated fish through a process of fermentation with salt. Fish that brooded, mixed with a sprinkling of sticky rice that has been fried. Pakasam fish will be able to type anything. However, the most attractive is Pakasam young fish and Pakasam Papuyu.

One type of fish used to make fish Sepat pakasam is swamp.

11. Ikan Peda / Fish Peda

fermentation and preservation techniques pengaraman. Peda fish usually made from mackerel female (Rasterliger neglectus). There are two kinds of fish are fish peda peda red (peda siam) and peda white fish. Red peda fish (ikan peda Siam) is made of a high-fat mackerel and weeded and made white peda fish and puffer fish that are low in fats and weeded. The fish peda made in stages: first through the process of salting and continued with the fermentation process for the formation of a distinctive odor extraordinary impositions.

12. Ikan Rusip / Fish Rusip

Rusip is a traditional food of Bangka. This food is made from anchovies or bilis (public call farts) fermented. Rusip used instead condiment for vegetables. Rusip This is a side dish to increase appetite. It is suitable if there are vegetables such as cassava leaves, velvetleaf, cucumber etc.

Rusip produced evenly in every region on the island of Bangka. However pengusahaannya scale is still small (household) or home industry. These foods are often found in shops selling typical food on the island of Bangka, some are sold directly from home to home.

13. Ikan Salai / Fish Salai

Fish smoking process is a combination of salting activities, penggeringan and fumigation. The main purpose of the process of salting and penggeringan is to kill bacteria and help facilitate the adhesion of the particles of smoke when the smoking process takes place.

In the process of curing, the elements that were most responsible is the smoke produced from burning wood. Fogging effect on preservation from several compounds

14. Kemplang / Kemplang

Kemplang is a traditional savory krupuk fish cracker snack commonly found in Southern parts of Sumatra, Indonesia. Kemplang crackers are commonly made of ikan tenggiri (wahoo) or any type of spanish mackerel, mixed with tapioca starch and other flavorings, sun-dried and then grilled or fried.

The shape of a kemplang is similar to Japanese senbei cracker. It is flat and round with whitish color, sometimes with dark burnt acquired from grilling process. Kemplang is usually consumed with a sour and spicy sambal chili paste.

15. Kue Bangket / Cakes Banqueting

Rose cake, or cake banquet is a traditional Malay cakes. Can be easily found in Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, especially North Sumatra, Riau, Jambi and West Sumatra. Cake rose to be one of the cakes being served at the moment of Eid al-Fitr. Even the Chinese in these areas also makes cakes rise this as one of the typical cake served on the Lunar New Year, so here a kind of cross-culturally close and harmonious between ethnic Malays and Chinese.

Named the cake to rise due to the size of the cake after being cooked and removed from the oven can be sized doubling of the size of the original dough.

This rose color yellow-white cake and sometimes enhanced by being given a red dot on it. Rose cake texture is very smooth and easy to crumble.

The cake will rise melt in the mouth and has a crisp taste when chewed. It was a sweet appeal to children.

16. Kue Satu / Cakes One

Kue Kering Satu Kacang Hijau / Pastry One Green Bean

Pastry One Green Bean is one variation pastries presented during Eid arrives, looks cute with greenish-white color makes eyes we are interested to see it. Not only looks attractive yes, but it also nenedang in the mouth.Indonesia is rich in culinary archipelago, one of the green bean pastries. The green beans can not only be used for pulp is made only by the ancients, but also made cookies on this one.

17. Kue Lapan Jam / Lapan Cakes Jam

Eight Hours Legit cake and Durable a traditional cake native Palembang and a culinary kekeyaan which is still preserved by the people in South Sumatra in particular. Unique name can be explained that eight hours is the time used to make a traditional cake or steaming it, yes it takes time for it to make.

18. Kue Maksuba / Cakes Maksuba

Palembang is very popular once the pastries were very tasty and delicious, jam cake eight hours, no more cake cake maksuba the texture is similar to a layer cake, but more tender and tasty of course. Maksuba cake is usually sold in the market when a special moment or feast of Eid, and usually orders maksuba many times when the moment came. Maybe for some people this maksuba cake a little weird ears, but for the vast majority of Palembang cake this one had to be excellent in itself, and must be there when the big day in general. Indeed cakes were very tasty and you are obliged to try to taste the deliciousness.

19. Laksa / Laksa

Laksa adalah makanan berjenis mi yang ditaruh bumbu dengan kebudayaan Peranakan, yang digabung dengan elemen Tionghoa dan Melayu. Laksa mempunyai beberapa jenis, yang paling dikenal adalah yang berjenis Laksa Penang, bentuk mi-nya bulat putih dan sedikit tebal. Di Indonesia juga terdapat beberapa jenis laksa seperti Laksa Bogor dan Laksa Betawi. Nama Laksa diambil dari bahasa Sanskerta yang mempunyai arti banyak, menunjukkan bahwa mi Laksa dibuat dengan berbagai bumbu.

20. Mie Celor / Mie Celor

Celor noodle dish noodles are served in a mixture of coconut milk and broth ebi (dried shrimp), mixed bean sprouts and served with boiled egg slices, sprinkled with chopped celery, leeks and fried onions. This dish comes from the city of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia, and along with Pempek has become typical dishes Palembang. Mi size used is greater, such as Mie Aceh or Japanese Udon noodles.

21. Model / Model

The model is one of the specialties of Palembang apart tekwan the headliner.

Model? for those who do not ever eat or see if the model must think it is a person who likes to pose for the camera or the like berlenggak swing on the catwalk. Since this is a food blog certainly discussed was the food and the name of the model is the typical food of Palembang.

Never ate pempek right? basic materials maker also similar to pempek models, which differ only presentation only. If pempek served with a sauce cuko, while models sauce served with soup and noodles accompanied with glass noodles and chopped cucumber. It would be more delicious when combined with soy sauce and green sauce. For those who like food fry, hot and spicy, definitely want to eat this one.

22. Nasi Lemak / Lemak Rice

Nasi lemak is typical Malays types of food commonly found in Malaysia where this dish is considered as one of the national dishes, and Indonesia (especially in Riau and Riau Islands). This dish can be found in Singapore and Brunei. The food is usually served for breakfast.

Fat rice refers to rice cooked using coconut milk to give a savory flavor. Sometimes pandan leaves inserted when the rice is cooked fat for added aroma. The term fat in Malay or lamak in Minangkabau language referring to the taste and texture of the resulting oily savory coconut milk that releases fat content nabatinya into the middle of the boiled rice. Sir R. O. Winstedt has written about the "nasi lemak" in Malaysia in his book "The Circumstances of Malay Life - 1909".

Nasi lemak is usually served with eggs (which are boiled, fried, sunny side up or scrambled), slices of cucumber, ikan bilis or fried anchovies and sambal, chilli. But now nasi lemak sold under a variety of side dishes such as tempeh, tofu, banana, fried peanuts, beans, satay, beef, chicken, cuttlefish, squid, shrimp, scallops, fish, spleen, and or beef liver, which also often accompanied with grated coconut.

Nasi lemak are now being sold in restaurants, cafes, roadside hawker, nor by itinerant food vendors. Nasi Lemak, commonly called by its name in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Singapore and Brunei. While in Jakarta dishes like nasi lemak known coffè while in Central Java with a name or rice sega liwet liwet. In Aceh dishes like nasi lemak called savory rice. While in Medan dishes like nasi lemak, but in a package smaller portions and a bit called rice war.

23. Nasi Minyak / Rice Oil

Rice Oil is a typical food of Palembang, besides Pempek should you taste. In the province of Jambi also Rice Oil. The difference, if typical oil Jambi rice eaten with curry sauce. While oil rice typical South Sumatra just eaten alone with a side dish.

Actually oil rice is rice that is processed using cumin oil. If the rice is called cumin oil, become long. So, people just call it rice Palembang oil alone.

24. Nasi Samin / Rice Samin

Rice samin uses typical seasonings such as cloves and cardamom, cumin rice has a strong aroma and spicy. Not to mention the added spice of cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, caraway, coriander, ginger, garlic, and cumin oil. Everything makes this dish more delicious and very fitting eaten in cold weather.

25. Otak - Otak / Grilled Fish Cake

Brains are foods made from mackerel minced meat wrapped in banana leaves, baked and served with a spicy sour sauce. These snacks popular in the area around the Strait of Malacca and the Strait Karimata, such as Riau Islands, Singapore, and Malaysia, but spread in various cities in Sumatra and Java. In Malaysia, Muar famous brain-brain. In Indonesia alone brains are often found in Tanjungpinang.

26. Pempek Adaan / Pempek Circumstances

Pempek circumstances is one type of pempek typical of Palembang who were equally popular of pepperoni pizzas. Pempek circumstances or also known as round pempek often encountered at various restaurants or street vendors who sell pempek Palembang, usually pempek circumstances valued cheaper than pepperoni pizzas or pempek lenjer, because the size is much smaller.

27. Pempek Kapal Selam / Pempek Submarine

Pempek or Empek-empek Palembang is a typical food made from mashed fish and sago, as well as several other compositions such as eggs, garlic finely, flavor and salt. Actually it is difficult to say that the center is the pempek Palembang because in almost all areas in South Sumatra produce it.

Presentation pempek black sauce accompanied by brownish called vinegar or cuko (in Palembang). Cuko made from boiled water, then add brown sugar, ebi shrimp and mashed cayenne pepper, garlic, and salt. For the indigenous people of Palembang, cuko from the first made spicy to increase appetite. But with the influx of migrants from outside the island of Sumatra, the current commonly found cuko with a sweet taste to those who do not like spicy. Cuko can protect teeth from caries (decay enamel and dentin). Because in one liter of solution for pizza sauce is usually contained 9-13 ppm fluoride. a complement to the distinctive taste eating food are slices of fresh cucumber dice and yellow noodles.

Pempek type is the "pepperoni pizzas", ie chicken eggs wrapped in dough for pizza and fried in hot oil. There are others such as pempek lenjer, pempek round (or known as "ada'an"), pempek fish skin, pempek pistel (young papaya slices boiled contents that have been sauteed and flavored), pempek small eggs, and pempek curly.

Pempek can be found very easily throughout the city of Palembang. Pempek sold everywhere in Palembang, is selling at a restaurant, there is the side of the road, and also there is a bear. Canteens in all schools / workplace / campus must be selling pempek. In the 1980s, the seller bears the usual pempek 1 pempek basket full while walking around the city of Palembang peddling food.

28. Pempek Keriting / Pempek Curly

Pempek pempek curly or crackers is a type of disposable pempek palembang fish or fish without using a mold or mold-made crackers crackers and hence such forms as well as forms of Putu Mayang cake. This unique pempek most distinctive way of making more than pempek just use your hands to form a pempek, this pempek using a special mold to shape it. So natural that this is the type of empek empek the soft and tender texture really.

29. Pempek Kulit / Pempek Leather

Pempek skin usually have a flat shape. Because using mackerel fish skin so this pempek darker color when compared to other types of pempek. Do not forget to enjoy it with cuko, chunks of cucumber and wet noodles.

30. Pempek Lenjer / Pempek lenjer

Pempek lenjer adalah salah satu jenis atau ragam dari pempek yang terkenal khas dari Kota Palembang dan Sumatera Selatan pada umumnya. Cara membuat empek-empek lenjer tak berbeda jauh dengan pembuatan pempek palembang lainnya, hanya bentuknya yang bulat panjang membedakan dari aneka pempek lainnya.

31. Pempek Lenggang / Pempek Lenggang

Pempek lenggang made of pempek lenjer are the fries with a bandage omelet, it makes pempek lenjer become more special with the addition of eggs outside or opposite of pepperoni pizzas. Well to distinguish it named Pempek Lenggang.

Pempek lenggang is one kind pempek famous. At first glance looks like the scrambled eggs but contain pempek and eaten with cuko. Just as pempek existing egg egg, but the difference if pepperoni pizzas contain egg inside her, pempek sauntered just the opposite. Pempek lenggang made of pempek lenjer and is one alternative to eating pempek need to try.

Pempek lenggang cooked in this way can also be grilled or fried it. The easiest way to make pempek swing is by using pempek lenjer diced and then fried with egg mixture.

32. Pempek Panggang / Pempek Bake

Dish pizzas are pempek matured with roasted / burnt. And then presented in a way split and given stuffing mix dried shrimp, chili sauce and soy sauce. For deep-dish pizzas material similar to the material pempek others.

Palembang dish pizzas round like pempek circumstances, but slightly flattened / flat. It feels more supple and there is a distinctive flavor, because cured with roasted. When eaten any, can be mixed with cuko.

33. Pempek Pistel / Pempek Pistel

Pempek pistel including Dos pempek types because without fish. Another name pempek this type pempek pastel because it is like a pie in terms of shape and have the contents usually fill pawpaw or papaya cut into small pieces or shredded and flavored savory and cooked, although no one gave stuffing another or mixtures such as shrimp , rice, potatoes, bamboo shoots, etc.

Pempek pistel or pempek unique pastel is not durable. Pempek Pistel is typically disposable pempek contents, from papaya or pawpaw mudo that have been cooked before. The size and shape similar to egg pempek but the edges in the waveform fan. Unfortunately empek-mpek can not be stored longer or more than one day, so pempek this type rarely sent out Palembang and rarely are open for pizza shop business selling papaya pempek dos pistel's contents. The following recipe for pizza pastel green papaya papaya contents complete with how to make yourself at home with an easy and practical.

34. Pempek Telor / Pempek Egg

Palembang typical food of our beloved country emang ought to be a favorite food tablets. plus it's unique sauce that is different from another sauce makes the tongue want ERUs shaken by it. but you know what the price does not pempek city of Bandung? typically ranging from 8000 - up to 14000 tablets quite expensive, right? not only quite expensive but pempek city of Bandung is rare that sell only time anyone selling it feels is not necessarily as good as the original in the city pempek,

35. Pempek Isi Udang / Fill pempek Shrimp

Usually empek - empek Palembang or Bangka basic dough made of fish, but this time we use the wet material peeled shrimp, shrimp or shrimp ebi rebon dry. How to make pempek rebon easy and simple is almost the same as the process of making pempek fish. Pempek shrimp is actually included modified or various creations pempek, including the type of pempek anchovy, pempek dos, pempek pistel, etc. Besides pempek Palembang-style shrimp have also ala Bangka.

36. Pindang Daging/Tulang / Boiled meat/bone

Palembang is not just a typical pizzeria. Never try boiled meat specialties Palembang? If you are confused about what kind of processing beef Again, make boiled meat typical Palembang.

37. Pindang Ayam / Boiled chicken

Juwana origin grain is arguably a little different with rawon. Equally marinated papayas, but were used instead of beef, but chicken meat.

38. Pindang Ikan Patin / Pindang Catfish

Your compassion will remember the delicious food which is very typical of Palembang ..? Maybe that comes to mind you are pempek which is a typical food from the area of Palembang. But there are many other specialties Palembang is much preferred by everyone one of them is boiled catfish. Boiled catfish is one of the preparations of catfish that is made by dipindang. The food certainly has a very delicious and tasty can also be combined with white rice to be enjoyed while dining. Food this one certainly is not foreign to the people of Palembang, because they were in daily contact with these delicious dishes. But for those of you who are not included citizens of Palembang, you also can still enjoy caramelized catfish is because these foods can be processed in an easy way.

39. Pindang Salai / Pindang Salai

The delicacy dishes of smoked fish preparations made confectionary is the favorite choice of culinary communities of South Sumatra.
The fish are processed by means of dried and smoked is also a menu option to eat the meal or fasting.
Not surprisingly, sales of smoked fish jumped dramatically every Ramadan.
One of the centers fumigation smoked fish in South Sumatra are in the area of Palembang Musi II.
Different from the usual days, many people who came to shop smoked fish in the region to serve as a side dish menu after iftar.

40. Pindang Maranjat / Pindang Maranjat

Fish Pindang this Meranjat has flavor for you so wanta try, look at this and try game dishes this one. Do not miss a dish that can be a happy family, always so creative recipes follow the latest updates will always present a delicious meal for all who need them.

41. Pindang Pegagan / Pindang Pegagan

Actually pindang gotu kola is an old dish filled with a long history. From the search results in the area of origin, food is derived from the tribe Pegagan a sub tribe of Ogan or administratively included in Ogan Ilir and Ogan Ilir komering southern Sumatra. These tribes inhabit coastal streams that are rich sources musi river fish such as Patin, Toman fish, fish Baung and Cork fish which are then combined with traditional recipes and dishes created pindang gotu kola which has its own characteristics.

In Palembang pindang pegagan become a favorite dish in most communities. The sauce is a spicy little sour with a reddish color that challenge presented by the fish tender and aroma kalaborasi shrimp paste and tamarind typical make appetite certainly increase, especially if served with warm rice with chilli paste and salad-vegetables green complement to enjoy this food.

42. Rujak Mie / Noodle Salad

Noodle salad is one food wong Palembang, way too easy for him anyway, the materials required are also not hard to find in traditional markets, to make the sauce ingredients together to create cuko pempek.

43. Pepes Tempoyak / Pepes Tempoyak

Steamed fish is Sundanese, but in other areas, steamed fish is also known, one of which is spiced catfish tempoyak typical Palembang. Tempoyak is fermented durian is widely available in the area of Sumatra.

Tempoyak be one additional ingredient cuisine that makes sense to be more distinctive and tasty. But if you have trouble getting Tempoyak, you do not need to use it. Spices steamed fish was more than enough to make it taste good steamed.

44. Pepes Asam Belimbing / Pepes Acid Belimbing

Pepes Belimbing acid is the typical food of the archipelago favored by the public. Pepes is a method of food processing, which dirempahi and wrapped in banana leaves, then baked or steamed.

45. Sambal Goreng Campur / Sambal Goreng Mix

Sambal Goreng Mix is one of the specialties of the province of Riau. This culinary baahan base made of potatoes by shrimp. There is also given some distinctive flavor archipelago that would make sense of this sauce so special.

46. Sambal Kemang / Kemang Sambal

Kemang Sambal is a condiment made with basic ingredients Fruit Kemang (Mangifera kemanga) Kemang still closely with mango fruit so that it feels no different: sweet, fruit kemang also has a fragrant aroma is tantalizing. In addition to direct edible fruit kemang also be processed into a variety of culinary such as Es kemang fruit, chili and fish sauce kemang kemang. This time Ayokitamasak will share one recipe that is delicious eaten kemang processed as a companion of side dishes.

47. Sambal Kweni / Sambal Kweni

Sambal Mangga different Kweni with mango sauce others who use mango to mango salad sauce kweni as the name suggests uses manifold kweni mango, mango kweni with mango difference lies in the other fragrant aroma sharp and texture of the meat is soft and dense. therefore mango kueni not quickly destroyed and watery when made chili, chili sauce will have a good flavor and fragrant aroma.

48. Sambal Lingkung / Sambal Lingkung

Sambal with the environment is a condiment made with basic ingredients mackerel fish, catfish, fish belida or other white-fleshed fish, in contrast with chili in general that highlight the flavors of spicy, chili with the environment it has a thin spicy flavor and savory taste that stands out. At first glance it looks like Shredded sauce with the environment because of the same color and texture tends to dry. this time with the environment sauce can easily we meet the market because the sauce with the environment is already sold in plastic storage containers and jars.

49. Sambal Mbacang / Sambal Mbacang

Sambal mbacang condiment is made using basic ingredients Mbacang / rice dumplings namely fruit kind of mango that has a predominant flavor acid both when raw and ripe, sour taste fresh from the fruit is then combined with spicy chili and savory and fragrant paste fuel, chili rice dumplings very match was served with a variety of other menu such as fried fish, fried chicken and various side dishes other meals do not forget to add fresh vegetables we eat perfect circuit.

50. Sambal Jokjok / Sambal Jokjok

Sambal Jok Jok may be somewhat alien even to his own ears Palembang. This chili recipe in inherited from Ombay (komering language for grandmother) and according to him is a favorite for generations of village Ogan, a hamlet in the district Ogan Ogan Ulu (OKU), South Sumatra. the spirit of eating increases, especially when a large family gathering.

51. Sayur Kasam / Vegetable Kasam

Kassam is a side dish that manufacture food from mixing fish and kepayang preserved in the long term. Kassam is a typical food Baturaja native city of Palembang in South Sumatra.

52. Tekwan / Tekwan

Tekwan typical Palembang is a soup dish made of fish and sago are made in small size, and presented using shrimp soup with a distinctive taste. Tekwan are usually complementary vermicelli, sliced yam and mushrooms and sprinkled with chopped onion, celery, and onions fried. Tekwan derived from the word "cackle Samo Friend", which in Palembang means sitting chatting with friends.


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