Food and Beverage Can You Find in West Sumatra

Cuisine of West Sumatra is a kind of culinary flourish in the province of West Sumatra. Culinary products West Sumatra is one that is widely known in Indonesia and also called Minangkabau cuisine introduced by migrants from various regions Minangkabau in West Sumatra. There are many recipes and culinary variety of West Sumatra by region, city or district, including Bukittinggi, Padang, Padang Panjang, Payakumbuh, Solok, Batusanggkar, Agam, Dharmasraya and so forth. Although a wide range of cuisines Minangkabau not only from the city of Padang, West Sumatra cuisine was already known to the general public as Padang cuisine. West Sumatra cuisine known to many uses coconut milk and meat, has a spicy flavor from the use of herbs and spices.

1. Ale - Ale / Ale - Ale

Ale-ale is a typical food from Rice Tangah hamlet, village Silungkang Duo - municipalities Sawahlunto, West Sumatra province. There are also in the area Muaro Sijunjung and Solok. It looked like a pancake famous of the island of Java, but it does not use coconut milk so it has a different flavor that is tasty and tender.

It is said that this cake has been around since the days of our ancestors. It is not known why called the ALE-ALE. Usually made from rice flour, coconut milk, palm sugar and (water) grated pandan. These cakes were encountered during the morning (from Fajr, to 6 am), and is always used as a breakfast menu in addition to the local community Bubu samba.

With delicacy and its distinctive aroma, food has become one of the coveted consumer. These snacks can be eaten by anyone, from children to adults. Even ale-ale was also ordered by the nomads for any events outside Silungkang, ale-ale used as grain filler Los Stomach (food stand) of the event alongside Coki, Lupi (lupis), Sop and Soto.

TIPS: To speed up the fermentation process, place the bowl of dough over the bowl of warm water. But always keep an eye on, in order to avoid too many bubbles in the dough because it will make sour dough (excessive fermentation process).

2. Arai Pinang / Arai Pinang

Arai Pinang is a cake that is always there at the time of Eid typical Minang. This cake can be used as souvenirs for those of you who are traveling to West Sumatra, because the taste of the cake this one is very tasteful, renyak and flavorful coconut oil. The main ingredients are rice flour cakes, salt and whiting. Makes it very easy, first of all rice flour toasted in advance and a little salt and whiting to taste more crisp. Once the dough is made then the dough is rounded and flattened using arai nut, or can also use cutlery. When printing smeared with coconut oil so that the nut aria cake fragrant and savory taste and crunchy. to the mix can also use the sauce from boiled sugar. In every souvenir shop there is definitely there this cake, sold for about Rp11,000 per half kilogram while and cake arai nut using sugar sauce Rp 20,000.

3. Asam Pedas / Acid Padeh

Sour spicy (Indonesian) or acid padeh (Minangkabau language) is one of the traditional cuisine of the Minangkabau and then spread in the Malay (Riau, Kepulauan Riau, Jambi, and the Malay Peninsula) which has a sour taste and pungent. This cuisine uses various types of fish and seafood such as swordfish, snapper, tuna, mackerel fish, carp, and squid as main material which is then flavored with tamarind, chili and other spices.

Spicy and sour fish dish known widely in Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. This dish is well known in the art treasures of Minangkabau or Malay cooking, so it is not clear from where the origin of this dish. Minang spicy sour dishes can be found easily throughout Rumah Makan Padang in Indonesia and Malaysia, have even become typical dishes of Malay society and Aceh. However blend the spices used are different according to each area.

A spicy sour sauce that included a spicy and sour seasoning that comes with vegetables. In Aceh, spicy sour very rarely use a vegetable, but combined with tuna called Acid Keueng. While in Riau, spicy acid has been part of the art of cooking Malay community which is usually combined with catfish, fish baung, fish slice, and catfish. Riau Islands, spicy sour more often combined with snapper.

4. Ayam Pop / Chicken Pop

Pop chicken is chicken refined cuisine typical of West Sumatra are highly popular and often encountered when stopped by the restaurant or Padang Restaurant and Minang. Originally there are many versions of the variations of the herbs used in cooking chicken pop, one of them is as simple as that will be distributed following the typical pop chicken recipe and its tasty condiment field as partner.

5. Balado Bawal / Balado Bawal

Balado pomfret is one of the fish dishes from the region west of Sumatra, especially Padang. Padang is famous for various types of eating mainly spicy flavor

6. Belut Goreng / Fried Eels

Fried eel Padang - Typical West Sumatra. One Local cuisine West Sumatra, especially Padang we share with you the typical cuisine lovers Padang. Fried Fish Recipe Eels Padang - West Sumatra Typical of this we also share it for those of you who want to try to make the recipe Eel Fish Fry Padang - West Sumatra Typical, good for families in your house or to be sold as a food stall your menu.

7. Beras Rendang / Rice Rendang

Rice Rendang (Rendang Bareh) is a typical food of the region precisely western Sumatra Payakumbuh, Bareh rendang is a food made from rice flour and sugar which had previously been processed first, traditional food has become souvenirs Mandatory when we visited Payakumbuh.

8. Bika Siana / Bika Siana

Bika Siana Padang - Typical West Sumatra. One Local cuisine West Sumatra, especially Padang we share with you the typical cuisine lovers Padang. Recipe Bika Siana Padang - West Sumatra Typical of this we also share it for those of you who want to try to make recipes Bika Siana Padang - West Sumatra Typical, good for families in your house or to be sold as a food stall your menu.

Bika siena is a typical meal which is derived from western Sumatra town padang, the food is shaped like Bika in general, Bika is usually made with a mixture of eggs, corn farmer, pandan leaves and glutinous rice flour.

9. Bika / Bika

If we remember or mention the name of a traditional cake bika, then we remember is the red velvet cupcakes cake is so well known in the field. Padang is very different Bika cake with cake Bika Ambon that we often see or talk about. If we see a glimpse of matter we can see differences between Bika Bika Ambon to Medan. Although the ingredients are basically the same, but in terms of taste, shape and way of processing is also different.

If you are still confused by the shape of the two bika, you can see the texture of each. Bika Ambon yellow or green (pandanus) with the texture of holes like a honeycomb. While Bika Padang has a white color, texture and shape like apem. If Bika Ambon processed by steaming, while Bika Padang processed by roasted or grilled.

10. Bubur Kampiun / Champion Porridge

Champion slurry is a typical breakfast menu Minangkabau which is also used as the main meal in the iftar menu, created yr 1960, the post-war PRRI, when the traditional leaders of Bukittinggi hold competitions creation of porridge, to restore public order from the trauma of war. The winner adlh a grandmother named Amai Zone, and he named this dish Bubua Champion (Champion).

11. Cindua / Cindua

Complete Cendol, so about if interpreted in Indonesian. Similar to baklava in general or ice that comes from Jepara, namely ice Dawet. But the difference is content. Cendol based from the sago palm flour is then mixed with rice flour and then given food coloring derived from the sap gambier so red. While the color green because given dye from pandan leaves or leaf suji, all natural.
This drink is served with a variety of mix. First of all, put the sticky rice Ampiang alias, in his Minang language called Bareh puluik, which pounded until flat. Then the palm sugar, in his Minang language called Gulo Anau, which has been diluted. Then put the one baklava that has been cooked with coconut milk, and do not forget Lopis or lopi and durian. For Lopis and Durian itself, presented depending on the tastes of the buyer, want to be included or not. Lastly, topping of shaved ice located right above all the mixture.

12. Cokelat Rendang / Chocolate Rendang

What happens if the chocolate combined with food rendang? It might sound strange, but for the industry group of households in the Village Anggut Bengkulu City was successful blend of innovation bring sustenance.

Chocolate snacks called rendang it became souvenirs are a favorite in the new sales center for souvenirs typical of Bengkulu City Village Anggut.

13. Dadiah / Dadiah

Curd (Minangkabau: Dadiah) is a traditional Minangkabau yogurt made from buffalo milk (Bubalus bubalis). In terms of language, the word "Dadiah" has similarities with the Dudh, the language of the ethnic Sindhi (India and Pakistan). Meanwhile, the Persians eating habits milk fermented with red onions and cucumber, curd eating habits similar to that carried out by the Minangkabau people in the old days.

The curd is fermented in containers of bamboo covered with banana leaves (Musa sp.) Or leaf hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus) which has withered on the fire. The fermentation process is done at room temperature and lasted until clotting occurred about 2 to 3 days.

The curd is usually consumed as breakfast, mixed with chips (a type of rice crackers) and brown sugar. Dadiah can also be used as a side dish accompanying rice.

From some research shows that whey contains good bacteria, namely lactic acid (Lactobacillus casei) potential as probiotics. The lactic acid in the buttermilk role in the establishment of the texture and flavor. Lactic acid bacteria and its derivatives can prevent a variety of diseases such as preventing enteric pathogenic bacteria, lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, preventing colon cancer, anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, and increase endurance. In addition, the curd is alleged to be effective as antivaginitis.

14. Dakak - Dakak / Dakak - Dakak

Dakak - Dakak is typical culinary western Sumatra made of thinly sliced fried cassava and then rubbed with the spice turmeric, garlic and chopped celery. Dakak-dakak shape such as cassava chips but have a sense that thunders and crunchy when eaten, Dinner is usually used as a souvenir by the traveler after visiting western Sumatra.

15. Dendeng Balado / Jerky Balado

Dendeng is typical of West Sumatra cuisine made from thin, wide slices of dried beef and fried fried kering.Daging is then flavored Balado.

While jerky batokok same materials with dendeng, the difference is the spice baladonya not wear red chili, but it uses a rough sliced green chili and beef as thinly widened then pounded with a stone mortar so that the meat becomes tender.

16. Aia Aka / Aia Aka

That one drink is made from the leaves Cincau Green or the Latin language called Cylea barbata Myers. Aia Aia Aka or alias Air Beans Beans have a shape like cendol and chewy texture like jelly. Known as cendol, because while enjoying Aia Aka, sellers often mix it with coconut milk, so it looks like a Cendol. How meraciknya ranging from leaves to be enjoyed any Cincau traditionally processed by way of its water squeezed and filtered. Different from most black grass jelly, Aia this Aka Green color. Besides enjoyed with coconut milk, Aia Aka can also be taken with water Lime highly efficacious to relieve heartburn. Especially if the weather is hot, certainly very refreshing.

17. Es Campur / Ice Mixed

Ice Mixed Drinks Typical Iftar Its Fresh, Drink ice during fasting is a distinct pleasure for everyone who fasts, to restore the body after the fasting day of hunger and thirst. Ice into the drinks are popular and always in search during Ramadan because fasting people want a drink that can make the body refreshed and re-prime. One type of ice that is most sought after iftar is ice mix, this one being the idol drinks during fasting and almost always in demand as well as a blessing for traders mixed ice when the fasting season of Ramadan.

18. Es Durian / Ice Durian

Durian ice is ice that consists of a mixture of black grass jelly, coconut and porridge boyfriend and shaved ice. There is also, running sweetened condensed milk chocolate on top. And that certainly is the durian as its main ingredient. Durian ice yes

19. Es Tebak / Ice Guess

Ice Guess what, nothing to do with the puzzle or guess-tebakkan. Es Guess is a thirst-quenching drink that is usually served as a dessert. Its content consists of black grass jelly, black sticky tape, to and fro, and guess what. Guess is a dough made of glutinous rice flour and sago flour is cooked with salt water and betel kampur. Then the dough is molded to resemble cendol. Guess Es usually served with red syrup, condensed milk cream and do not forget to shave ice makes it feel fresh.

20. Gajebo / Gajebo

Gajebo, or Gajeboh or goulash Gajebo or Sampade meat, is a typical food of West Sumatra. These foods typically using a brisket that is part of beef is almost entirely composed of chewy fat (which is located at the hump cattle). The cuisine is actually derived from the spicy dishes or Asam Asam Padeh that use beef.

21. Galamai / Galamai

Galamai is one small food with a basis of glutinous rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk that comes from the West Sumatra. If in other areas such foods is known as dodol or porridge. Almost all ethnic groups in Indonesia have this kind of small meals.

22. Gulai Banak / Stew Banak

Goulash banak (Minangkabau) or goulash brain (Indonesian) is a soupy curry dishes are spicy coconut milk from Minangkabau, using cow's brain has been cut into pieces as its main ingredients and cooked in a curry seasoning. In some recipes, curry leaves is sliced bowl that much so have a very distinctive flavor.

23. Gulai Cubadak / Stew Cubadak

Curried Jackfruit or Minang people used to call with goulash Cubadak is the native cuisine of West Sumatra are known to the whole Indonesia which certainly is not foreign in our tongue, goulash jackfruit always available every day at the diner or restaurant features Minang with menu andalanya course Padang rice.
Nasi padang usually combined with side dishes such as rendang, chicken pop, grilled chicken or fish plus vegetables Balado and cassava leaves, cucumber and doused with jackfruit curry. Without the jackfruit vegetable dish Nasi Padang will be a sense is lacking.

24. Gulai Itiak / Steaw Itiak

The goulash Itiak dish is goulash different from goulash usual, goulash Itiak made from duck meat cooked with spices such as galangal, turmeric, ginger, bay leaves, orange leaves, and turmeric leaf not forget the chili curly green with a number of very much so when served curry duck looks like a green blob filled with chili beans on a serving plate. Curried duck came from Agam, West Sumatra Bukittinggi has a spicy flavor and savory delights

25. Gulai Kambiang / Stew Kambiang

The goulash is one kind of dish that is widespread in the archipelago, particularly in Sumatra and Java and the Malay Peninsula. This dish comes from Sumatra as a result of the influence and the application of the art of Indian cooking that is rich in herbs and spices such as curry. The goulash is one of the most basic seasoning dishes known in Minangkabau cuisine, curry yellow sauce is a flavor and give flavor to a wide variety of dishes served in the Paris restaurant. Sauce or seasoning curry dish is usually condensed in Minangkabau, Indonesia, and Aceh, but in Java coconut curry sauce more liquid into a kind of soup which was served it hot containing meat or offal of goats.

The goulash is usually served with hot rice, but some recipes like curry goat can be served with roti canai.

26. Gulai Kemumu / Stew Kemumu

Kemumu plant is a kind of taro yarns / taro which has a stem that is wet and the leaves are wide, in contrast to most species of taro / taro Kemumu that normally grows in the Sumatran jungle have no sap which can make itching when exposed to the skin for that Kemumu this can be used as ingredients to make a meal. Regular Kemumu been transformed into a mixture of chicken curry, West Sumatra is not foreign Kemumu used as material for mmembuat goulash because it tastes good and suitable meat cooked with chicken.

Gulai Paku / Stew Nail

The goulash nail is goulash which uses stem and leaf spikes / young fern, vegetable curry spikes usually eaten along with the diamond or Minang people used to call the ketupek. Nail curry sauce made of boiled shrimp broth mixed with coconut milk curry nail that has a savory taste and delicious. Surely that is one in a suitable dish was served to end of the week when our family was bored with the usual vegetables we consume

28. Gulai Pucuak Ubi / Potato Stew Pucuak

Curried vegetable cassava leaves or sweet potato goulash pucuak is typical of West Sumatra curry dishes that can be combined with other dishes such as rendang, beef jerky lado Lambok red, and others.

29. Gulai Tambusu / Stew Tambusu

Gulai tambusu adalah gulai yang menggunakan usus sapi sebagai bahan dasarnya. Sebelum dibuat gulai usus sapi harus dibersihkan terlebih dahulu lalu diikat salah satu ujungnya lalu dimasukan kocokan telur yang sudah dibumbui lewat iujung satunya kemudian direbus hingga telur mengeras baru kemudian usus siap dibuat gulai. Untuk kuahnya sama seperti gulai pada umumnya yaitu menggunakan santan dan bumbu rempah.

30. Gulai Toco / Stew Toco

Chickpea curry tauco usually served as a vegetable for rice cake in West Sumatra. The contents also vary, beans as the main ingredient is usually accompanied by tofu / tempeh fried diced, pete, Rimbang / takokak, crackers jangek aka skin crackers. And my habit is to add meat in the goulash tauco tetelan to enrich the flavor.

31. Gulai Anyang / Stew Anyang

Stew anyang original dishes of Tanah Datar -Stone Cage - West Sumatra. Perhaps many are wondering, not its cuisine anyang of minang it like ointment huh? consists of vegetables in boiled and sprinkled with grated coconut dibumbu by spray lemon? but why anyang that this soupy? Naah is where the uniqueness of this anyang goulash.

32. Ikan Bakar / Grilled Fish

Seasoning grilled fish I made was distinctive flavor realm minang (field). Fish that can be burned carp or tilapia.

33. Ikan Balado / Fish Balado

Balado is one of the condiment or in the area of West Sumatra Minangkabau. Each restaurant Padang has its own particular recipe Balado. The basic ingredients of this sauce is red onion, peppers, tomatoes, lemon juice, salt, and sugar. Not only in Indonesia, the cuisine is also very popular with the community neighboring countries, especially Malaysia and Singapore.

34. Jus Pinang Muda / Betel nut juice

Similarly Talua Tea, Juice Pinang Muda favored by men. Efficacious for the health and increase stamina is the reason. Some sellers juice Pinang Muda creation of this juice by adding milk plus eggs and honey. To add a sense of warmth, sometimes they add pieces of ginger into juice. Young Pinang juice made by membleder all materials, ranging from the main raw material, namely the content of betel nut scraped, brown sugar and ginger pieces. Meanwhile, egg yolk duck taken alone, shaken and given the lime juice that is not fishy. Do not forget extra sweetened condensed milk chocolate to add aroma. Lastly, doused with betel juice that has been blended earlier. Be Jus Pinang Muda with beige color display and bubbly.

35. Kacang Tojin / Nuts Tojin

Tojin peanut snack is made from peanuts. Usually Tojin nut is always there during Eid. It was savory and crunchy as the beans are fried and mixed with fried onions and a few slices of fried celery leaves. So hotcakes become more more okay taste and form. You can buy this Tojin nut with the price of Rp. 27,000 per half kilogram.

36. Kalio / Kalio

Kalio is the designation of semi-finished rendang, which is still brown than rendang is blackish brown. Kalio textured sticky and wet with a strong caramel aroma, while rendang is a dry, coarse-textured, and issued a sharp aroma of spices. Kalio generally sold as rendang in Padang Restaurant outside West Sumatra for the cooking duration is shorter so it is more practical and economical to serve. Besides, it's not too spicy and cooked meat is not as hard as rendang.

As well as rendang, kalio contents usually beef, chicken, spleen, liver beef or jengkol. Liver, spleen, jengkol, and generally more cooked potatoes into kalio because often fall apart when stirred too hard when it becomes rendang.

37. Karak Kaliang / Karak kaliang

Karak kaliang made from potato flour This selection is one of the traditional foods minangkabau highly favored by many people, crispy crunchy addictive. There are two sizes karak kaliang, the large size of your thumb and the small size, small size a little small magnitude of the pinkie finger of adults.

This food is made from grated cassava with a mixture of herbs such as garlic, salt, pepper etc.

38. Keripik Balado / The chips Balado

Cassava chips with spicy seasoning sweet Balado can serve as a snack while relaxing or while hanging out with family and friends. The taste of cassava baladonya typical coupled with a crispy cracker going to create a relaxed atmosphere you will feel more special.

39. Keripik Sanjai / Chip Sanjai

Karupuak Sanjai is called the Sumatran be processed this one, comestible question is grated cassava chips that have been sliced lengthwise then seasoned with a sprinkling of salt and lado (chilli), so that many are those who call it chips Balado. These chips can be found when he visited the area desert or high hills, because it is delicious spicy chipping are typical souvenirs or rather high hills of West Sumatra. For this type of Keripik Sanjay had actually been presented with three different variants, as there is only given saline alone (Keripik Sanjay bargaining), there is given a smear of brown sugar (Keripik Sanjay saka), and the latter chips are flavored lado ( balado chips). All this is very tasty and crispy once so it is suitable for you make souvenirs when visiting the area.

40. Kerupuk Jangek / Crackers jangek

Jangek cracker snack is one that comes from buffalo skin options that have been processed traditionally to be directly consumed. Crackers skin is also very good for those who experience the symptoms of an ulcer.

Cowhide is not only can be used to make the mosque drum. In the hands of a number of Andalas, cowhide can be a mixture of curry, namely skin crackers.

41. Kerupuk Jariang / Crackers Jariang

Karupuak already be gained from regular food in Padang, but rarely sold in Bandung. Eh, a restaurant sidewalk in front of Padjadjaran often provide this menu, it seems imported directly from Padang.

42. Ketan Durian / sticky rice Durian

Residents of Padang, most like to eat durian with sticky rice plate. Ketan is of white glutinous rice, steamed red or black.

Dish made from durian is often hounded by various circles of society. Like durian? Call it a pancake durian, durian sop, dodol durian, durian ice cream, fried durian and many more. The taste is savory and smells very mengguggah tastes, the durian fruit is able to make people addicted to various olahanya. Well, talk about the processed fruit durian or durian this time we will share recipes durian sticky rice milk tasty and delicious to eat.

43. Ketan Sarikaya / glutinous Sarikaya

Ketan Srikaya the culinary riches of the region of West Sumatra, according to the history of this food trend during the fasting month, and antiquity is often referred to as "food law" by the locals. This is because in ancient times the fasting month this srikaya glutinous placed in a basket and delivered to the point-in-law, he said.

Over time and due to the typical late it seems now Ketan Srikaya already not just a meal-in-law anymore but has become a typical food for all.

44. Kipang / Kipang

Snacks are a typical culinary West Sumatra made from nuts and palm sugar.
The combination of palm sugar and beans will give a sweet and Renah sensation when eaten. These snacks
suitable served in the morning or in the afternoon accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee.

45. Kue Arai Pinang / arai nut cake

Kue Arai Pinang was known in the community: a native of Pariaman, not genuine Pariaman but never stayed in Pariaman and community / others introduced by the public Pariaman. This cake appeared in Pariaman in general on the days of Eid, and there are now produced trdisional by people / people around town Silver Market Pariaman.
At first the cake is called by the name Ladu (the local language), and then to print and berpariasi to form another profile that is scored by Arai Pinang (betel nut tree flowers), so called popular name "Arai Pastry Pinang".

46. Kue Basung / Cake Basung

The traditional cake is a snack made from rice flour, brown sugar, coconut milk, water and salt. Just look at the ingredients so already is not it? manufacturing process was simple. Brown sugar is dissolved prior to melt and then filtered so that the dross is not included in the dough. then mixed with rice flour and a little salt. To print made from banana leaves forming cones and enter the batter into it and then steamed until cooked.

47. Kue Sapik / Cake Sapik

This traditional cakes such as cakes semprong but a different shape. Materials used are rice flour, sugar, eggs, milk and cinnamon powder. How to make dough that has been processed and then printed in the mold after cooking grills with a golden yellow color then removed and still hot cake is folded and stapled, therefore called the cake sapik. There was also a cake sapik black sipulut because the material used is black rice cake sapik so the color is blackish brown. Sapik cake flavor is crisp and sweet looking for a gift for you because the packaging is also practical and arranged neatly in a plastic bag transaparan. You can buy it at a souvenir shop along the way Sumbar around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000.

48. Lamang Tapai / lamang Tapai

Lamang fermented cooked using bamboo medium and served together with tape or neighbors call with fermented black rice.

This Tapai lamang own taste between sweet and sour, but certainly very tasty when eaten. Fermentative aroma of fermented black glutinous rice appetizing anyone who wanted to eat this cuisine.

49. Lamang / lamang

Lamang a cake originating from South Kalimantan. This food has a shape similar to the cake, but it was clear that the views of the ingredients and mix use, it feels very different. If the cake is only made of ordinary rice, lamang is made from glutinous rice in though together coconut milk, pandan leaves and wrapped in banana leaves and baked using bamboo. After that just served with fermented glutinous

50. Lontong Pitalah / Lontong Pitalah

Katupek Pitalah (Ketupat Pitalah) is actually a rice cake that uses a leaf to make the diamond with vegetables consisted of beans, jackfruit etc.
Why Pitalah called for more marketing in the Market Pitalah once. and now has penetrated anywhere where around West Sumatra. And in Pitalah (Nagari Pitalah) itself does not that make the Ketupat but mostly in Nagari Tanjung Bunga.

51. Nasi Kapau / Rice Kapau

Rice Kapau is rice Ramas typical village Kapau, West Sumatra, consisting of rice, sauce and side dishes typical Kapau, curry vegetable jackfruit (Cubadak), curry tunjang (hamstring buffalo or cow), goulash cangcang (bone and buffalo meat), goulash Babek (tripe) or paruik Kabau. Nasi standard kapau always include jackfruit curry rice kapau hallmark.

Jackfruit curry does not use a lot of coconut milk and not too thick. Goulash mixed beans, cabbage, bamboo shoots, ferns, and jengkol. In addition to jackfruit curry, almost all the side dishes of rice kapau consists of cooking meat. Goulash gut (goulash tambunsu) mixture of chicken eggs and tofu are inserted into the intestine of cattle (for intestinal buffalo harder), fish curry, curry tunjang, grilled chicken, teri Balado, cob Balado, dendeng, fried eel, and sambal lado green. Kapau other side dishes of rice in the form of fried chicken, fried chicken green curry chicken, chicken rendang, beef rendang. Rice rice kapau must be of high quality, generally sent from Bukittinggi and Agam.

52. Palai Rinuak / Palai Rinuak

Palai rinuak is the typical dishes of the area Maninjau Agam West Sumatra, Palai rinuak made from fish rinuak given herbs and grated coconut then wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed, palai meaning pepes language minang and rinuak is a kind of fish about the size of matchsticks are numerous in the lake maninjau, rinuak fish flavor is very tasteful and we will not see him aside in Maninjau, but fish rinuak can we replace with anchovies if we are hard to find.

53. Pangek Masin / Pangek Masin

Pangek Masin is tuna cooked with spices such as when we make a fish salad seasoning, the difference is the use of leaves of basil is the plant are still a family with basil which serves to give a fresh flavor to the dish.

54. Pensi / Pensi

Pensi is a confectionary snacks prepared from freshwater mussels Lake Maninjau. These shells small body size, skin color black black and yellowish. Pensi usually caught by fishermen from the bottom of the lake by using tangguak (tangguk) on top of a traditional canoe. These arrests were made after dawn until the sun appears (06.00 pm), so that the catch can be sold quickly. There are an estimated 1 ton of crude per day Pensi captured by fishermen from the bottom of the lake. Most of the catch was sold to the local market and partly sold to other regions, such as the City of London, City of Padang Pariaman, Padang City, and other cities in West Sumatra.
In addition to the direct sale to the market, Pensi also be processed into a variety of snacks, such as snacks and a variety of side dishes. Pensi used for snacks, cooking process left intact and controlled constantly stirring, so that the skin does not open. If the skin is already open, the Pensi not good anymore to be served as a snack.
Not only created as a snack, Pensi also processed to be used as a side dish that is usually referred to pensi explained. Pensi made side dishes are usually cooked just meat alone. The process of separation of meat and the skin is not complicated, just to boil. Automatic skin will be open, so that the meat can be easily retrieved Pensi. After completion of the separation process, the Pensi ready to be processed to be cooked according to the needs and wishes, for example, cooked into a curry or fried.

55. Pergedel Jagung / Corn fritters

The corn fritters are very famous crispy and delicious. If you are a western Sumatra will like the corn fritters.

56. Pinyaram / Pinyaram

Pinyaram is one of the typical snacks from West Sumatra. These snacks usually served when welcoming feasts and celebrations, some are sold as souvenirs typical Minangkabau.

Pinyaram generally made of a mixture of sugar or palm sugar, rice flour white or black rice and coconut milk. How to make it is to be fried by using the cauldron as well as a mold. The food is generally presented in the form of cakes or pastries.

Pinyaram usually made to welcome the holidays and celebrations such as Eid and weddings. For the wedding party is usually contained in the large size of plates, and cut into pieces. There also are sold as souvenirs.

Pinyaram mainly divided into two variants, namely white pinyaram made of white rice and black pinyaram made from black rice. Regarding taste, pinyaram can be varied with different flavors such as banana, durian, and so forth.

57. Rakik Maco / Rakik Maco

Rakik Maco is one traditionally made snacks and hygienic with a savory taste. made from a blend of natural ingredients such as rice flour, eggs, Maco (a type of fish), and other spices. These snacks do not use preservatives. suitable to be consumed when eating rice or being relaxed.

Rakik is a kind of dent that the nut is replaced with dry Maco. Maco is a kind of small fish in the sea there are many Pariaman. To make Maco as rakik, Maco be dried dibawha the sun in order Maco become crisp and savory.

On the island of Java this comestible known as dent, peanut brittle or kasreng. But fish Maco replaced with anchovies, or beans.

58. Rendang / Rendang

Rendang or randang is spicy flavor of meat dishes which use a mixture of various herbs and spices. This cuisine is generated from heated cooking process repeated with coconut milk. Cooking process takes many hours (usually about four hours) to dry and solid black. At room temperature, rendang can last for weeks. Rendang is cooked in a shorter time and coconut milk called kalio not dry, light golden brown.

Rendang can be found in Padang Restaurant worldwide. The cuisine is popular among the people of Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Thailand. In the region of origin, Minangkabau, rendang served in various ceremonies and special events. Though rendang is a Minangkabau traditional cuisine in general, each region in the Minangkabau has cooking techniques and the use of different herbs.

In 2011, rendang dish was named the first rank in the list of World's 50 Most Delicious Foods (50 dishes are the yummiest World) held by CNN International.

59. Sagon Bakar / sagon fuel

A type of pastry that often we find in many patisserie. Sagon cake is made from a mixture of sugar and grated coconut and then baked until dry. Therefore teksturnyapun very crispy and savory flavor. This cake also has a sweet taste that is fit for a friend watching TV, talking of family, friends read the newspaper with a companion drink coffee or tea. Which is definitely suited for my friends who are fond of snacking. This cake became popular shortly before the day of Eid so many available anywhere.

60. Sala Lauak / Sala Lauak

Pariaman food is usually snacks that can easily we encountered in the markets. Sala sala lauak or fish is made from fish and processed by mixing rice flour and flavored then fried. Usually sala lauak for snacks consumed alone or when eating vegetables or eat rice rhombus.

61. Sambalado Tanak / Sambalado Tanak

Sambalado tanak is a typical food people of West Sumatra, and unfortunately this cuisine rarely found in homes to eat, both in West Sumatra and in regions overseas.

Samba lado cooked tanak many of the mothers in their homes each in the area around Tanah Datar. Samba lado tanak the dishes prepared from ingredients peppers have been milled, coconut milk that has been cooked, fish, banana / jengkol, eggs are boiled and then mixed with other spices, and cooked in a crock with a fire of coals firewood ,

Samba lado processed food is mandatory to be a friend to eat Minang community. Samba lado means sauce made from chilies, either red or green chili curly. The more red sauce is made usually appetite will be more powerful surging up from the stomach into the esophagus.

62. Sarang Balam / fowl nest

Grubi or nest Balam is a traditional snack archipelago which has a distinctive taste. Its distinctive flavor comes from the sap of sugar (palm sugar) give a flavor of sweet, savory against cassava / yam path is essentially material.

Although today has been enlivened with a cake and a cake modern, grubi still be found in the markets of traditional snacks as well as in the market though not all places sell.

63. Sate Padang / Sate Padang

Sate Padang is the designation for the three variants of satay in West Sumatra, namely Sate Padang, Padang Panjang and Sate Sate Pariaman.

Sate Padang and use of materials beef, tongue, or jerohan (heart, intestines, and tetelan) [1] with a thick peanut sauce seasoning (like porridge) plus chili that much so spicy taste.

Sate Padang Panjang satay sauce is distinguished by its yellow color, while red satay sauce Pariaman. The taste of both types of satay is also different. While the sate Padang has a variety of flavor combination of the two variants of satay above.

64. Sate Pariaman / Sate Pariaman

Of the various types of satay in Indonesia, satay padang is one among that is favored. The food that one can become favorite food for people as well as the surrounding desert. But if you are not the people of Padang, you can also feel the delicious satay padang. Because today in most cities there are many sellers Sate Padang.

65. Sarabi / Sarabi

Cakes Pancake is a cake made of rice flour with good taste So far you buy a muffin is so now my post about recipes macaroon typical desert is certainly no longer need to buy it, because now also can create your own in house by following the instructions I gave.

66. Soto Padang / Soto Padang

Soto Padang is a soupy dish beef broth with sliced beef ingredients that have been deep fried, rice noodles (noodles from rice flour), plus potato cakes and served hot. In addition to the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Padang Soto dish is also easily found in many Padang restaurants throughout the world.

67. Teh Talua / Tea Talua

Talua tea or tea eggs. This drink is only available in West Sumatra. The One and Only cool language. Drinks consisting of a combination of Tea mixed with this speech impediment, a favorite beverage, especially for men. Because after drinking tea Talua, the body was exhausted after work routines, will come back refreshed and excited. These drinks can be easily found in shops, coffee shops and restaurants that exist in each region of West Sumatra. How to make it quite easy, provide material for tea consisting of tea powder and sugar and eggs and lemon. The eggs used are chicken eggs or duck eggs. Eggs whipped with sugar until fluffy look and tea brewed with hot water. Add lime juice to add a fresh scent and Tea Talua ready to be served.

68. Teh Kawa / Tea Kawa

Aia Kawa Kawa or leaves is a drink made from the leaves of coffee brewed with hot water, like a tea. Daun Kawa history begins in the Dutch period. Precisely when forced cultivation activities. At that time, the population of West Sumatra banned enjoying coffee beans for personal consumption. Although they were forced to plant for the Dutch trade interests. To fulfill the desire to drink coffee, then dijadikanlah coffee leaves as a substitute for coffee beans that are still believed to contain caffeine substances. Starting from the selection of coffee leaves and dried with roasted for approximately 12 hours. Leaves coffee has been roasted and then brewed like tea. At the time of going to drink, leaves mixed with cold water and then doused with hot water. For those who want a sweet, can add sugar. Kawa Leaf will be increasingly felt deliciously drunk when accompanied by fried or other small snacks. When serving, Kada Leaf does not use glasses, but halved coconut shell by placemat made from bamboo was into the container.

69. Wajik / Diamond

Diamonds are also included traditional snacks in West Sumatra. The food is very well known not only in the region of West Sumatra, but also in some places. Even the cake is also popular to neighboring countries. Actually, diamonds are more popular in Central Java, West Sumatra diamond is better known as sweet sticky rice. Different designations cake this diamond in each area, depending on the type. Diamonds are made of glutinous sticky rice called diamonds. There is another diamond is a diamond famous kletik of Blitar, diamonds difference is packaged in a wrapper that small corn husks.

70. Rendang Daun Kayu / Leaves Rendang Wood

Rendang wood leaves also called samba bad because it looks bad in the eyes. But make no mistake, rendang that comes from Payakumbuh is very popular because it tastes savory and dry texture. Not only the leaves of wood, rendang also be made from other types of leaves as jirak, mali, Rambai, or leaves arbai.

First, the renewal of fish entered into the thick coconut milk until dissolved. Then insert the leaves and stir until the color brown. Want to taste more savory and crunchy leaves? Add grated coconut into the seasoning. Guaranteed, the leaves will not mushy but crisp!

71. Rendang Sapuluik Itam / Rendang Sapuluik Itam

Type this rendang can be found in the area Simalanggang. Rendang main ingredient is black rice, but not in the form of grains such as rice. Black rice used is finely ground and shaped like flour.

Furthermore, black glutinous rice flour is incorporated into rendang sauce that has been thickened. Local residents usually incorporate coconut slices to taste savory.

72. Gulai Kepala Ikan Karang / Head Reef Fish Stew

Reef Fish Stew appears to be a very popular food in the area Painan. Once approaching Turkish Carocok, nearly all restaurants on the roadside offering this cuisine. Reef fish served was tasty and tender meat once. Gulainya highly spiced sauce. This is one of my favorite dishes during the tour in West Sumatra yesterday. Normally I do not like eating fish heads well, but yesterday could run out! Although Turkish Carocoknya not too good, that is normal, but if it's so-so my culinary tour to visit here again.

73. Pepes Ikan Karang / Pepes Reef Fish

Pepes typical reef fish different areas Painan with steamed fish elsewhere. Marinade fresh, disposable tomatoes, and fish tender once. Pepes This is competed between us (the author and his friends) because it felt good.


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