Food and Beverage Can You Find in LAMPUNG

Typical food Lampung - Lampung If you visit, you can tour the various cultures in Kampung Tua in Sukau, Liwa, Kembahang, Batu Brak, Recognize, Ranau and Krui in West Lampung. Besides traveled the culture, you can visit various festivals in the province, such as the Festival Sekura in Lampung Barat is usually held a week after Eid, Festival Karakatau in the city of Bandar Lampung, Festival Bay Stabas in Lampung Barat and Festival Way Kambas in East Lampung ,
Lampung society is a society that likes to get together and stay in touch, both between families and between neighbors. Culturally, Lampung has two indigenous communities, namely Lampung Lampung Sai Batin and Pepadun. They both have a habit of gathering. They gathered at weddings, custom events, or for religious purposes. When assembled, the necessary food that can be enjoyed together.

1. Bakso Sony Haji Sony / Meatballs Sony Haji Sony

Meatballs meatballs is very famous in Lampung. Meatballs Sony is genuine beef meatballs chewy and fibrous, black pepper flavor is dominant on the meatballs and the sauce was tasty and delicious.

The meatballs may already be a food that can be found in all parts of Indonesia. From Aceh to Papua, I think we can easily find confectionary meat balls. There are peddled by using a wheelbarrow, to be presented in the modern style restaurant.

Well, if you happened to visit and was in Lampung, try to taste the meatballs Son Haji Sony. In Lampung, especially in Bandar Lampung, meatballs, better known by the brand Meatballs Sony including legendary meatballs. Because almost the majority of Bandar Lampung obviously never tasted the delights of Meatballs Sony.

2. Engkak / Engkak

Engkak is a cake made from dominant to eggs and butter. Engkak baked in layers using a pan.

3. Gabing / Gabing

Gabing Lampung is typical food made from young coconut trunk. wah nih surely many readers who have not eaten or had never heard of. yes the young coconut trunks cut with a medium-size afterwards in vegetable with coconut milk, the taste that is given by the palm stems are sweet and savory taste what if the bite, the flavors that caused the flavor is unique and interesting.

4. Gulai Taboh / Stew Taboh

Taboh goulash is a unique culinary Lampung which can also be interpreted as a coconut milk curry. These usually contain khattak goulash or nuts such as / khattak gelinyor, red beans / khattak ngisi, beans / khattak kejung, khattak tuwoh, bamboo shoots, potatoes and others.

5. Gulai balak khas Lampung / Stew typical custody Lampung

The goulash custody is typical Lampung masakkan made from mutton or beef cooked with coconut milk and spices typical float, a sort of curry goat, this recipe is also suitable to wear beef.

The goulash is a kind of food made from raw chicken meat, various fish, goats, cows, other kinds of meat, offal, or young jackfruit and vegetables such as cassava leaves, cooked in a sauce that is flavored savory spices. Characteristic of goulash is a rich marinade spices include turmeric, coriander, pepper, galangal, ginger, red chili, onion, garlic, fennel, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon and cumin mashed, blended, and then cooked in coconut milk.

The cuisine is characterized by yellow as saffron sari influence. Food is considered as another form of curry, and internationally is often referred to as curry ala Indonesia, although the Indonesian culinary arts also found curry.

6. Kemplang / Kemplang

Kemplang was crackers from Lampung, South Sumatra, and surrounding areas. Crackers is quite special because it is not fried in oil, but in grilled, so it does not contain oil. Cocolan kemplang usually eaten with sauce or also with vinegar.

7. Kue Nagasari (Lambang Sari) / Nagasari cake (Coat Sari)

Nagasari cake (Coat Sari), Traditional Typical cake - is a kind of cake made of rice flour with a stuffing bananas in it. This cake has a soft taste and sweet section of skin on the contents. To make this cake is not difficult, the cooking technique used in this cake is steamed - dough filled banana wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed until cooked about 30 minutes.

8. Gulai Taboh / Stew Taboh

Stew Taboh / Curried Coconut milk is the culinary food of Lampung. These usually contain khattak goulash or nuts such as / khattak gelinyor, red beans / khattak ngisi, beans / khattak kejung, khattak tuwoh, bamboo shoots, potatoes and others.

The food is made from coconut milk cooked in a variety of fields ranging from shrimp, fish, nuts until tangkil (fruit melinjo). Various fields in taboh goulash can be varied with a variety of other vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato or a variety of vegetables that can be suitable to be cooked with coconut milk.

9. Keripik Pisang / Banana crackers

Almost all regions in Indonesia has abundant crops of bananas, especially Lampung, East Kalimantan, and Lumajang. One of the many types of processed banana chips banana is popular with the public. Moreover, almost all types of bananas can be used as raw material for making banana chips banana kepok although most commonly used to make banana chips.

Usually consisting of banana chips, banana chips, banana chips are sweet and salty. But lately emerged banana chips processing innovation with added flavor to the chocolate banana chips thus enriching the taste of banana chips itself.

Lampung Banana chips are a snack / snacks that one souvenirs typical of Lampung Province. Krpk bananas made of fried banana and given a choice of various flavors. Options available flavors, chocolate, mocha, milk, coffee, cheese, strawberries, melon, salty, sweet. Her taste is not diragu right again, guaranteed good and kriuk, once tried will continue to eat again.

10. Pindang / Pindang

Pindang usually presented in a medium sized bowl with warm yellow sauce. Uniquely, Lampung Pindang savory tasted sour, like Tom Yam from Thailand. The sauce was more fragrant aroma of basil leaves mixed blessing in the broth.

11. Sambal Lampung / Sambal Lampung

Sambal from one area in Sumatra is very popular because it is super spicy. Sambal is packed in small glass bottles so it is very practical.

Sambal Lampung is one gift that is often hunted. Bottled chili sauce is popular because it is very spicy on the tongue so as to create a sensation in itself.

Sambal is formulated from simple materials, such as mortar rough red chili sauce, garlic, and salt and vinegar. In addition to delicious enjoyed with side dishes, this sauce is also delicious affixed to enjoy meatballs, fried rice, and seasonings omelet. Prominent onion flavor and chili spicy sensations characterizes this sauce.

12. Sekubal / Ketan Lapis / Sekubal/glutinous layer

Sekubal or sticky layer is a typical food from the area of Lampung. Confectionary is made of sticky rice steamed with coconut milk and lipisi banana leaves or coconut leaves, snacks or typical cuisine of Lampung people, both of keadatan saibatin and pepadun. Aside from being a snack during Ramadan, sekubal also very interested residents as menu during fasting or while berlebaran.

13. Seruit / Harpoon

Harpoon is a typical food of Lampung province, Indonesia, the dishes are fried or baked fish sauce mixed with shrimp paste, tempoyak (processed durian) or mango. This type of fish is the large river fish like belide, baung layis etc., plus vegetables. While the drink is sherbet made from mango fruit juice kwini. In food shops and souvenirs, there are also typical food that is sambel Lampung, lempok (dodol), banana chips, crackers kemplang, sweets etc.

14. Tempoyak / tempoyak

Tempoyak is a dish that comes from the fermented durian fruit. Tempoyak known in Indonesia (especially in Sumatra and Kalimantan) and Malaysia. Tempoyak dough is made by preparing durian meat that does not contain too much gas and water. Durian selected endeavored that are already ripe. Then durian flesh separated from the seeds, after it was given a little salt. Once completed, then added with cayenne pepper can speed up the fermentation process. Once completed, the dough is stored in a tightly closed. Arranged to be stored at room temperature. You can also enter the dough in the refrigerator (not the freezer of his), but the fermentation will be slower.
Tempoyak aged 3 samapai 5 days could fit to be made because it was sour sauce, but there is still a sense of sweetness. Sambal tempoyak usually combined with anchovies, carp, tilapia, or other fish.

15. Umbu / Umbu

Umbu is a salad made of young rattan which boiled until soft. Umbu tends to taste bitter as bitter gourd, bitter umbu but it may arouse the appetite.


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