What do you want to eat in Bandung - Priangan?

Bandung is never ending when talking about the culinary, let alone the traditional culinary away from chemicals and other harmful substances plus the relatively cheap price. A matter of taste does not doubt, not less delicious with food and beverages from abroad.

Bandung, known as the city that is very cool, cold and beautiful because it is still in a mountainous area

At this time in my article, I will share all kinds of food in Bandung-Priangan

1. Ambokueh

We know Bandung is a storehouse of snacks and food are much in demand. One typical meal Bandung is Ambokueh (Ambokue) which is a kind of food made from rice flour and then given campurang toge goreng, lapciong, ears, ngohiong, sekba and then given a cucumber vegetable liquid seasoning. This food reminds us with Rice Mix Hainam, but served without rice. Of course the food is intended for non-moslem.


2. Bajigur

Bajigur is the traditional drink of the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. Its main ingredient is palm sugar and coconut milk. To add to the enjoyment mixed too little ginger, salt, and vanilla powder.

Drinks were served warm is usually sold together Bandrek, boiled beans, boiled potatoes, klepon, etc. in one wagon. In the presentation, sometimes coupled with a bit of back and forth (or so-called cangkaleng in Sundanese) thinly sliced. Bajigur most fit to be enjoyed times of rain or cold weather.

Along with the times, Bajigur made in the form of a powder living instant brewed using warm water, the goal that can be enjoyed practically anytime and anywhere without having to bother making Bajigur traditionally.


3. Bala - Bala

Bakwan is fried food made from vegetables and wheat flour are common in Indonesia. Bakwan usually refers to a snack of fried vegetables are usually sold by peddlers fried. The material consists of sprouts, chopped cabbage (cabbage) or sliced ​​carrots, mixed in a batter of flour and fried in cooking oil that is quite a lot. In West Java bakwan called 'plagues'. Bakwan similar to Japanese cuisine Yasai tenpura (vegetable tempura).

Bakwan actually originated from China were clearly visible on Bak word meaning meat. This is similar to other foods that have the same origin as Bakpao (Bread, Meat contents), Bakso (meat balls), noodles (noodles Meat), Bakpia (Cake bacon green beans), Bacang (Food Meat Count).

At the time of the trade and cultural exchange in Indonesia, food recipes also mingle thus affecting the traditional cuisine of the moment. Bak's own use of the word is still used mainly though Bakwan no longer contain meat / shrimp.

There are also opinions that Bakwan is another name of Meatballs, understood the meaning of the word "like" is the meat while the "wan" meaning round so Bakwan meat means unanimous. while Meatball meaning of the word in the "tub" is the meat and "so" is made round. So Meatballs means meat that is being made round. For example, the use of the word bakwan for meatballs is Bakwan Malang. They argue the mention Bakwan on fried bala bala TSB is misguided old one in amini by society.

Bala - Bala

4. Bandrek

Bandrek is the traditional drink of the Sundanese of West Java, Indonesia, which is consumed to increase body heat. This drink is usually served cold weather, such as in times of rain or night. The basic ingredients bandrek most important is ginger and brown sugar, but in certain areas usually adds its own spice to reinforce the warm effect given Bandrek, such as lemongrass, pepper, pandan, chicken eggs, and so on. Milk can also be added depending on one's taste. Many people believe that Indonesia bandrek can cure ailments such as sore throats, coughs, and so forth. In Bandung, usually the seller adds a dash of coconut dredged for more flavor from the Bandrek. Bandrek usually consumed along with boiled beans, boiled sweet potatoes, and fried.


5. Batagor

Batagor (acronym of meatballs fried tofu) is typical snacks Bandung which adapt the style of Chinese-Indonesia and is now known to almost all regions in Indonesia.

In general, these snacks are made from softened filled out the dough made from mackerel fish and tapioca flour and shaped like a ball with fried in hot oil for a few minutes until cooked. Other variations are dumplings are fried and served with batagor coupled with peanut sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce and lime juice as a supplement.


6. Cake Brownies

Cake brownies are kind of snack cake made of chocolate coating that way made by steaming or baking. If mothers included recipes Indonesian fans, would never take the name of brownies. There are so many types of brownies that are around us, there are brownies there is also baked brownies.

Cake Brownies

7. Cireng

Cireng is the name of the food that comes from the Sunda region precisely Bandung. The food is usually prepared by frying and is made from raw starch and tapioca flour. Cireng is the name of the food is very famous and popular, especially Sunda region. Foods that have a variety of flavors ranging from sausage flavor, the taste of chicken, meatballs taste and flavor of the cheese are also many more kinds of other flavors. Cireng name has now spread throughout the region in Indonesia, because it tastes good price is also relatively very cheap.


8. Chocolate Nougat Suzanna ( Coklat Nougat Suzanna )

Hearing brand Suzanna, perhaps imagined in the mind is the song Susanna his or Suzanna Art Company, Indonesian horror queen. But now Ulinulin not discuss the title track as well as Indonesian horror queen. Chocolate Nougat Suzanna is a parallelogram-shaped chocolate nougat, wrapped in paper seals like aluminum da tones of paper with Suzanna. Hawker is used frequently encountered in Bandung, especially in large shops and supermarkets.

Chocolate Nougat Suzanna

9. Colenak (Tape toasty brown sugar coconut sauce)

Colenak are snacks to eliminate hunger temporarily. Snacks are also often called a fuel made from the tape peuyeum or fermented cassava. The first time this snack was introduced by a man named Aki Murdi in Bandung in 1930. The birth of Bandung was the first place belongs to Indonesia's refreshments.


10. Combro

Combro or sometimes called comro or GEMET is a typical food of West Java. Combro made from grated cassava formed round the inside is filled with chili oncom then fried, because that is named combro which stands oncom in jero (Sundanese (However, the name traditional combro not comro), means: oncom inside, as well as with GEMET stands dage dage saemet means in which mean more or less the same. the food is more delicious eaten while still warm.


11. Cendol 

Indonesia Cendol a typical drink made from rice flour, served with shredded ice and liquid brown sugar and coconut milk. The taste of this drink is sweet and savory. In the area of ​​Sunda drink is known as cendol while in Central Java known as ice dawet. Evolving popular belief in Indonesian society that the term "cendol" probably comes from the word "swollen", which is found in Sundanese, Javanese, and Indonesia; this refers to the sensation felt when grain jendolan cendol through the mouth when drinking baklava.

Rice flour mixed with green colored and printed with a special filter, so that the shape buliran. The dyes used are natural dyes originally from pandanus leaves, but is now used artificial food colorings. In Sundanese, cendol made by sifting the flour steamed rice colored with suji leaves with a sieve to obtain oval shapes that taper at the ends. In Sundanese, cendol drink called 'nyendol'.

This drink is usually served as a dessert or as a snack. In accordance served during the day.


12. Doger Ice

Doger Ice is one of cold coconut milk which is often found in Bandung, West Java. Although ice doger from Cirebon, ice doger can also be found in major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Malang and Surabaya. In addition to good taste, ice doger also good to drink in places that are hot. Ice doger also delicious when taken after exercise. Ice doger based milk and grated coconut, plus the tape, black rice, avocado, and others.

Doger Ice

13.Goyobod Ice

Goyobod Ice is one cool drink Sundanese contain hunkue dough chewy or sago palm with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and given ice shavings. Es goyobod usually given a few extra appendages, such as avocado, coconut, bread, peyeum, a Chinese girlfriend, or fro.

Goyobod Ice

14. Gehu

Gehu is a snack made from Tofu are then mixed into the dough of flour and stuffed with bean sprouts. Gehu is one of the people confectionary Sunda, Bandung, West Java, from "old-fashioned" or first really. The raw materials used are stuffed fried tofu sprouts, commonly eaten with cengek / cayenne pepper.

Food is also now a modification, for example, spicy Gehu, Gehu Mayo, Gehu seasonings, and others. Gehu this spicy difference with Gehu usual is from the contents were added a little cayenne pepper chopped, while Gehu Mayo is Gehu were smothered in sauces Mayounaise, and Gehu seasoning is Gehu cut and fried dried and given a seasoning powder as seasoning, Balado, cheese, BBQ and others. Now Gehu also not only wrapped flour dough, but there is also a kind Gehu wrapped in spring roll skin or dumplings.

This Behu making material itself is arguably a bit and easily available in the market around where you live, especially those of you who are in the city of Bandung, West Java. Here we share recipes Gehu deliberately not just for the people of Bandung alone, but the whole of the public throughout the country.


15. Gepuk

Obese is a typical food Sundanese of West Java which is made of beef, tasted a bit sweet and savory. Usually obese made with beef, sliced meat fibers and the direction of the half-boiled mateng, then in o'clock pm until slightly tender. Tender meat that had been soaked into santan.kemudian seasoning mixed with boiled again until the coconut milk will be served Gorenglah menyusut.Jika obese with a little oil until browned and angkat.Gepuk will be better in the meal with warm rice and sauce that we provide.

Gepuk Meat

16. Grilled Carp ( Gurame Bakar )

Grilled fish does have a distinctive taste that is out of a sense of combustion. The grilled fish is very much loved by everyone in every walks of life. In addition to good taste, grilled fish also can increase appetite. The grilled fish is a favorite food for the family. There are several types of fish that can be burned with a delicious taste, one instance of carp that will be presented at the time of writing this article. Carp will be our fuel by having a sweet nutty flavor that is delicious and savory. For those of you who want to try it, please make grilled fish on their own without having to buy so that the results are more fit and suit your taste.

Grilled Carp

17. Grilled Corn

One of the most delicious snacks to be enjoyed at night and during cold weather is grilled corn. Especially when enjoyed in romantic moments as a couple, kongkou with friends and moments of the most exciting to eat corn is when welcoming the new year, mountain climbing and other cold moods for example, when the rainy season.

Grilled Corn

18. Karedok

Karedok or keredok is one of the specialties of Sunda in Indonesia. Karedok made with vegetable raw materials, among others; cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, beans, basil, and eggplant. While the sauce is peanut sauce made from red chili, garlic, kencur, peanuts, tamarind water, sugar, salt and shrimp paste.


19. Kelontong

Kolontong is food Typical Indonesian That comes from the Regional Sundanese of West Java These foods will be our Meet In areas Banten, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Bandung And Other Areas in West Java Besides felt that Sweet and Crunchy Kolontong can also be used as food snack as a friend for coffee. Sundanese people usually make Kolontong when the great days like Eid, a celebration, and other events, although relatively rare Kolontong price is still relatively affordable.


20. Eclairs

Eclairs is a round cake with a cavity containing fla (custard), custard, or meat. Eclairs with custard or custard served contents after cooling in the refrigerator, because the custard or custard made from raw milk easily become stale. Profiterole in French called choux à la crème. Cake round shape like cabbage makes this cake called choux (French for cabbage).

Unlike the sponge cake dough and cake, cookie dough whisk sus is not derived from eggs or butter with sugar. Profiterole dough (pate à choux) made of flour added to the mix water cooked with margarine or butter until boiling. Chicken eggs are added one by one in the batter, stirring until dough does not stick to the pan. Profiterole dough not using blowing agents such as baking soda or baking powder. Shaker cake (mixer) is only used in order to inflate the better the cake when baked.

The oven used to bake eclairs to be very hot (220 degrees Celsius). Heat oven to change the high moisture content in the dough into steam. The eggs in the dough to form a thin cake framework, while vapor trapped in the dough to make a cavity in the interior of the cake. The dough is nearly identical to eclairs used to make pastries like, for example: croquembouche, eclairs, beignets, and gougère.

Some modifications profiterole also continues to grow, so that the shape of eclairs no longer round, there is also profiterole already formed into the shape of swans. There is also a dry sus sus wet, depending on how they are presented.


21. Lotek

Lotek is a Javanese cuisine which are found throughout the island of Java. One is the famous Lotek Lotek in Mrican COLOMBO, Yogyakarta. Lotek is almost the same as the Gado-gado, namely foods such as fresh vegetables stew is watered dressing in the form of peanut sauce blended seasonings. Its uniqueness, as a sauce on the side nuts are often added tempeh and the marinade is added shrimp paste, brown sugar, and garlic. In general, lotek sweeter than pecel or Gado-gado.

Lotek can be served with rice cake or warm, accompanied by crackers and fried onions.


22. Noodles Shake

Noodles Shake is flavored beef broth noodle dishes typical of the city of Bandung, West Java. This dish consists of yellow noodles served in broth thick veal, sliced kikil (cow foot tendon), sprouts, meatballs, lemon and sprinkled with chopped celery, leeks and fried onions. Some recipes may add veal tripe.

The term shake in the name of this dish refers to the cooking process, the shuffle-ngocok noodles in a metal container perforated, perforated handled, as he dipped it in hot water. Mi types used are yellow noodles softer textured sprawl.

To add flavor, can also be added to soy sauce and sambal. Dishes were similar but somewhat different from Cirebon city called koclok noodles.

Noodles Shake

23. Misro

Misro is typical food of West Java which is made from grated cassava that the inside is filled with brown sugar and then fried, because that is named Misro which stands fishy in jero (Sundanese, meaning: sweet on the inside). The shape is rounded and the food is delicious when eaten warm.


24. Rice Lead ( Nasi Timbel )

Rice Lead Or in Sundanese are Sangu Timeul is the cuisine of Indonesia Sundanese, West Java, Rice Lead together with rice in general, but timbel rice wrapped in banana leaves, and also rice used was rice fluffier in Sundanese, usually rice which is used for Rice Lead is kind Bagolo Rice or Red Rice mixture.

Rice Lead ( Nasi Timbel )

25. Pepes Goldfish ( Pepes Ikan Mas )

Fish cooked in a way dipepes has a soft texture, a savory flavor and distinctive aroma pepes strong fish. Basically, all kinds of fish consumption can be cooked by pepes. However, the most widely used fish to be cooked spiced usually are carp, mackerel, carp and other fish of various types of fish both marine and freshwater fish.

Steamed fish is a cuisine that goes to all the levels or levels of society, from lower class to upper class. How to make steamed carp Sundanese is quite simple and the ingredients the recipe is fairly easy to obtain to make steamed fish is often used as a menu mainstay at various restaurants. In addition, the delicacy tastes create a menu that one is favored by many people.

Pepes Goldfish

26. Pepes Mushrooms

Pepes is one way to cook the usual process wrapped in banana leaves. Pepes mushrooms recipe that we will make it this time. Pepes mushrooms are tasty meal which is usually always available over the kitchen table. The food is very easy for we have created with materials that are easily obtainable also requires only a spice that is already available in the kitchen. Pepes mushrooms this time we will make by having a delicious spicy flavor. Mushrooms that we'll use is the oyster mushrooms are indeed many dipasarannya. Besides dipepes, mushrooms can also be processed into other types of cuisine trending, eg, made into crispy mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms, and so forth. All processed mushrooms though cooked any way will surely manghasilkan good taste and delicious.

Pepes Mushrooms

27. Meatball Bondon ( Perkedel Bondon )

Initially referred to as meatball patties Kostes. But since it open a new night, gradually Bondon name changed into patties.

In Sundanese, "Bondon" actually has a negative connotation because it means "female sex workers". According to local residents, the name 'fritters Bondon' is given karen before the time of financial crisis, this meatball customers are mostly women returning from discotheques.

But this time, 'fritters Bondon' has customers from different circles. On average that came were students. But not infrequently also the families who come to taste the cakes are sensational.

28. Peuyeum

Tapai fermented cassava is made from fermented cassava. The traditional food is popular in Java and is known all over the place, ranging from West Java to East Java. In West Java, fermented cassava known as peuyeum (Sundanese).

Tapai manufacture involves cassava as a substrate and fermented yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) were massaged to tubers peeled. Basically Tapai is undercooked food after going through the process of steamed or boiled. There are two manufacturing techniques produce regular Tapai, wet and soft; and fermented dry, the more legit and can be mounted without damage. Dry Tapai popular Priangan north (Purwakarta and Subang), and is known as unique souvenirs of this region (known as peuyeum hanging, because they are traded by hanging.).

Tapai another production center is Bondowoso, East Java.



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