Food and Beverage Can You Find in RIAU ISLANDS

Riau Islands cuisine is the cuisine, food, or beverage which is made in the original and characteristic of the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. Riau Islands cuisine is strongly influenced by the culture of the Malays, India, and ethnic Chinese. Some foods also influenced the culture of the Javanese, Balinese, Bugis, tribes in Sumatra, the tribes in Kalimantan and even the culture of Europe, especially Britain and the Netherlands. Here is the typical cuisine of Riau Islands.

Riau Islands was part of Sumatra, although the province is the islands. Riau Islands capital in Tanjungpinang. If you come to the city Tanjungpinang, City of Batam, Bintan Regency, Karimun, Natuna regency, Anambas Island and the District Lingga then you're in the Riau Islands. Due to the unique culinary Islands Riau Islands is seafood. However, it is not uncommon blend of Malay dishes too thick here.

Riau Islands as the entrance to a second foreign tourists after Bali makes the province a tourist destination by tourists. If you come to one of the towns in the Riau Islands, after you met must culinary destination sought although just a cup of coffee one cup only.

1. Asam pedas / Spicy sour

Sour spicy (Indonesian) or acid padeh (Minangkabau language) is one of the traditional cuisine of the Minangkabau and then spread in the Malay (Riau, Kepulauan Riau, Jambi, and the Malay Peninsula) which has a sour taste and pungent. This cuisine uses various types of fish and seafood such as swordfish, snapper, tuna, mackerel fish, carp, and squid as main material which is then flavored with tamarind, chili and other spices.

Spicy and sour fish dish known widely in Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. This dish is well known in the art treasures of Minangkabau or Malay cooking, so it is not clear from where the origin of this dish. Minang spicy sour dishes can be found easily throughout Rumah Makan Padang in Indonesia and Malaysia, have even become typical dishes of Malay society and Aceh. However blend the spices used are different according to each area.

A spicy sour sauce that included a spicy and sour seasoning that comes with vegetables. In Aceh, spicy sour very rarely use a vegetable, but combined with tuna called Acid Keueng. While in Riau, spicy acid has been part of the art of cooking Malay community which is usually combined with catfish, fish baung, fish slice, and catfish. Riau Islands, spicy sour more often combined with snapper.

2. Asam rujak (Rujak ketam) / Sour salad (crab Rojak)

Sour salad (Rojak crab) is one food that comes from the islands of Bangka Belitung, crabs or crab is the main ingredient of this Rojak acid.

3. Bubur pulut hitam / Black sticky rice porridge

Black glutinous rice porridge (also called black sticky rice porridge or gruel injit) is a dessert with a sweet taste, which is made from glutinous rice boiled with excess water until soft, and usually served with coconut milk. Black rice porridge is a term used in Indonesia, particularly in Java. In an area with a strong influence of Malay culture, this porridge is called "black sticky rice porridge". While in Bali and East Nusa Tenggara, the name of this food is "mush injit". This meal can be served cold or warm.

4. Bubur tepung ubi kayu / Cassava flour porridge

Gruel of cassava flour is a type of porridge made from cassava (singkon) as its main ingredient. is synonymous with lumpy porridge, to add to taste this food accompanied with a sweet sauce made from brown sugar.

5. Daun ubi sambal belacan / Potato leaves sambal belacan

Health Benefits of Cassava leaves among other things, prevent the aging process, increase endurance, prevent bone disease, treat rheumatism, anticancer, prevents constipation, treat gout, accelerate wound healing, helps the regeneration of body cells, head and body aches, treat the flu.

6. Gobak sagu (Lendot) / Gobak sago (Lendot)

Gobak sago or Lendot / Sempolet is one of the typical Malay food, especially in the area of Riau archipelago.

if another season his usual snail mama always cooked snails breathe, using coconut milk and shoots nails tasted fatty and delicious. sometimes there are certain moments we gather out cooking "lendot". lendot food with ingredients snails but uses vegetable kale and corn starch taste really wither.

7. Gulai Siput / Stew Snails

Snails including rare remedy sanagt food is processed, but not to a region in the Riau Islands Tanjung Pinang. Now goulash snails are often a favorite menu in the month of Ramadan. Almost every house is accustomed to serving as a meal when breaking.

Slugs or snails are among the animals of the nation molluscs or soft animals shelled, now we make into good cooking with a mix of basic ingredients of eggplant tart and coconut milk added spice of ginger, turmeric and others make this dish gravy yellow almost similar to cook Tutut yellow spice typical Sundanese, yes indeed if in the sunda Bandung and West Java and the surrounding area is called Tutut snails.

8. Kernas / Kernas

Kernas Natuna is a typical food of origin type of cake made from a mixture of fish and sago. Two types of raw materials have become culinary dikaloborasi good and tasty. It was certainly not independent of the original taste of fresh fish Natuna. Shaped pieces and there buliran sago grain surface or inside. The food is very easy to get, if you are already in Natuna Island. Enough just stop by tourist location Selahang Gulf Coast or better known as Cape Coast. There are many available stalls that sell other culinary.

Very lose it if you've got Natuna but not this typical food tasting. Because while eating kernas, you can feel the wind is fresh and beautiful panorama in front of the eye, such as the beach is long and curved like a sickle blade, clear sea water and clean as well as sightings of mountain Ranai as if staring at where we are in that place.

9. Laksa / Laksa

Laksa is a diversified food noodle seasoning placed with Peranakan culture, combined with elements of Chinese and Malay. Laksa has several types, the most known are manifold Laksa Penang, rounded shape of the noodles are white and slightly thick. In Indonesia there are also several types of laksa like Laksa and Laksa Betawi Bogor. Laksa name is taken from the Sanskrit which has many meanings, suggesting that the Laksa noodles made with various herbs.

10. Laksa Goreng / Laksa Fried

Laksa or in the Malay dialect called "Lakse", is the food-shaped noodles made from sago textured chewy, translucent and thicker in diameter than the noodles.

Laksa is a combination of food from Malay culture and tionghoa, typical Malay food is usually presented in the form of a sauce and fried. Although it looks simple, but tastes good laksa, savory and steady.

Not infrequently the Malay community in Riau Islands chose laksa into the breakfast menu and breaking their fast. There are also some Malay society that adding milk to the soup laksa.

11. Lakse / Lakse

Lakse is a kind of food noodles mixed with spices typical blend of Chinese and Malay. Lakse has a rounded shape white noodles and a bit thick. Lakse name is taken from the Sanskrit word that has meaning much.The shows that lakse noodles made with various herbs. Lakse in the Riau Islands are presented in several types, one of which is a typical lakse Anambas are included in the category lakse curry with fatty and spicy gravy and rich spices, guaranteed good and make you addicted to try again.

12. Lempeng / slab

Plate sago is the cuisine of West Borneo. Made from good in the wet sago eat during the rainy season between December and January.
The food is not much use of materials, enough sago, coconut and brown sugar (palm sugar) alone.

13. Kepurun / Kepurun

kepurun, typical food consumption are not uncommon in the senempek and its surroundings.

14. Gubal / sapwood

This pig is made with a mixture of shredded coconut that has been previously resulting in a steady savory flavor! Moreover eaten with 'fish curry' ala Malay (in contrast to the curry dishes Padang) has become a full culinary able to make us add one more portion.

This pig is usually combined with curry stingray or shark with spicy sour sauce that certainly chime cool with sapwood is tasty, but if the stingray or shark her hard in the can, another fish was allowed.

15. Sagu Lemak / Sago Fat

Sago fat is one kind of snack made from corn, and is one of the typical regional food meranti islands. As we know the district meranti Riau archipelago is one of the largest corn producer dareah in Indonesia, and is famous for the preparations of the islands meranti sago Selatpanjang more delicious than the sago sago other areas.

One of the most famous is the fat sago, traditional foods processed in the traditional way but has a flavor that is not inferior to the products of the Waupun from outside meranti.
Sago fat has a savory taste and fat as the name suggests it, "fat sago" suitable for consumption while relaxing with family other than crispy and fat sago fat also has good efficacy for treating heartburn, like sago pearls.

16. Sagu lenggang / sago lenggang

Lenggang sago, rice meal replacement made by the housewives in the village of Teluk difficult market. Whereas each month these mothers can produce 100 cans over sago swing.

17. Keripik Sagu Lenggang / Sago chips Lenggang

Sago Lenggang chips. The striking differences from these chips, is located in the grain-the grain. Because these chips, there sago there in the middle. It seemed no less delicious and crunchy with other corn chips.

18. Keripik Sagu Bakar / Sago chips Bakar

Sago chips Bakar. You own them know what basic ingredients. It seemed typical, because it is not through the frying process. Shaped like plates, smaller. "Please try the unique taste,"

19. Kerupuk Cincin / crackers Ring

Ring chips. Corn chips are manufactured in such a way as ring. A matter of taste, "hmm amazingly delicious."

20. Lambok / Lambok

Unlike the batokok jerky and jerky baracik which has a crisp texture of beef jerky Lambok fact have tekstus wet. Lambok jerky taste is more spicy and sour, chili used is curly red pepper in large numbers. The food is very well suited to be eaten with a vegetable jackfruit and hot rice. Lambok necessary to make beef jerky beef cut following the fiber to be more easily bitten when we eat.

21. Mie Lendir / noodles Slime

Mie Mucus is one of the typical culinary food batam much-loved many people, in addition to taste the typical food is also very easy to make.

This mucus noodle itself is not much different recipe how to make noodles with the other, just that there are some materials that distinguish like the sweet potato is used as material for making noodles slime.

22. Mie Tarempa / noodles Tarempa

Tarempa noodles are fried noodle origin in Riau Islands, although this is not jau fried noodles with fried noodles differ in general or spaghetti and chicken noodles, but noodles Tarempa have a very clear distinction that use tuna meat sauce. Perhaps because of this Tarempa noodles originally born out of the area called Tarempa in Anambas located predominantly seashores berpropesi as fishermen, so it is not surprising that the sauce used in Tarempa noodles are swordfish. So it is clear the authenticity of this processed is maintained at all, because of all the materials used, such as noodle it is made directly on the ground Tarempa and using indigenous materials Tarempa, as well as a marinade of herbs native to the land, which must make a dish of fried noodles this was very tasty and delicious.

23. Mie Sagu / noodles Sago

Sago Noodle is a typical food Selat panjang City district. Islands-Meranti, Riau. These noodles that you will not find except in the district Selatpanjang meranti islands. sago noodles are noodles that are made from corn starch sago Selatpanjang directly from the factory. for you know, Selatpanjang a city with sago producer of the highest quality in the world. sago sago here thrive even without in-patient. one form of derivative known and most popular is Mie Sago. This sago Chewy noodles, nutritious, because it contains high carbohydrates. we all know Sago is the staple food in addition to rice. noodle processing sago Selatpanjang in town though no preservatives. These noodles are not like instant noodles in circulation that contain harmful preservatives. sago noodles can be cooked with fried and cooked with boiled. depending on your taste. Read >> How to cook the noodles boiled sago typical Selatpanjang.

24. Mie Siam Kuning / Siam Noodle Yellow

Noodle Siam Yellow Typical Tanjung Balai is a typical food craze society Riau Islands, noodles siam is made of yellow noodles, with shrimp mixture, tofu, bean sprouts, cucumber than that mixed well seasoning mashed like red chilli, onion, garlic and candlenut.

25.Nasi Goreng Kampung / Rice Fried Village

kampung fried rice is one of the original dishes are popular and easily found in Malaysia in addition to mee goreng. Nasi goreng kampung is one type of variation or diversity of fried rice menu which may be found in Malaysia as usual fried rice, paprik, red meat, china and so on.

26. Nasi Dagang / Rice Trade

Rice is the food trade Malaysia and Indonesia in the form of rice boiled together with coconut milk and served with a side dish of tuna fish curry. This dish comes from the states of Terengganu and Kelantan. In Terengganu, the rice trade is made from a mixture of glutinous rice and coconut milk boiled together. Terengganu trade rice sauce served with cooked rice trade by using a distinctive flavor Malaysia (chilli, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass), and vary with the curry from India. Kelantan rice trade is usually red because red sticky rice mixed.

Indonesia also has a rice trade, which is growing in the province of Riau Islands. Kepri trade rice steamed with coconut milk and added tuna, ikan bilis, tamban fish, chicken eggs, with sambal. Afterwards, wrapped in banana leaves.

Seasoning rice trade in the form of red onion, fenugreek seeds, and leaves of lemongrass. Kari tuna or mackerel is often the only side dish for rice trade. Another side dish for rice trade eg goat curry or curry fish head. Rice trade is different from that generally eaten nasi lemak ikan bilis and eggs together.

The dish is called because the rice trade in ancient times was taken as a basis by villagers who went to trade. When traveling away, traders bringing contain fish curry rice and pickles wrapped in banana leaves.

27. Nasi Lemak / Fat Rice

Fat Rice is typical Malays types of food commonly found in Malaysia where this dish is considered as one of the national dishes, and Indonesia (especially in Riau and Riau Islands). This dish can be found in Singapore and Brunei. The food is usually served for breakfast.

Fat rice refers to rice cooked using coconut milk to give a savory flavor. Sometimes pandan leaves inserted when the rice is cooked fat for added aroma. The term fat in Malay or lamak in Minangkabau language referring to the taste and texture of the resulting oily savory coconut milk that releases fat content nabatinya into the middle of the boiled rice. Sir R. O. Winstedt has written about the "nasi lemak" in Malaysia in his book "The Circumstances of Malay Life - 1909".

Fat Rice is usually served with eggs (which are boiled, fried, sunny side up or scrambled), slices of cucumber, ikan bilis or fried anchovies and sambal, chilli. But now nasi lemak sold under a variety of side dishes such as tempeh, tofu, banana, fried peanuts, beans, satay, beef, chicken, cuttlefish, squid, shrimp, scallops, fish, spleen, and or beef liver, which also often accompanied with grated coconut.

Fat Rice are now being sold in restaurants, cafes, roadside hawker, nor by itinerant food vendors. Fat Rice, commonly called by its name in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Singapore and Brunei. While in Jakarta dishes like Fat Rice known coffè while in Central Java with a name or rice sega liwet liwet. In Aceh dishes like Fat Rice called savory rice. While in Medan dishes like nasi lemak, but in a package smaller portions and a bit called rice war.

28. Onde onde ubi kayu / Onde Onde Cassava

Onde - Onde Cassava is the same as or similar to Onde - Onde in Java, just Onde - Onde in Java Using Glutinous Rice, If Onde - Onde Cassava is made from cassava.

29. Pacri nanas / Pacri pineapple

Pajri PaCri pineapple or pineapple is a very unique food at all for you to test, which is usually used as a pineapple fruit snack or juice or salad ingredients, will now be made into meal dishes were very tasty and fresh. So if you visit the stricken Aceh or other Malay tribes, when finding a side dish meal made from pineapples do not be surprised anymore, because it has become a typical Malay tribe to bring a unique flavor that you should try every customary marriage or other celebration.

The benefits of processed pineapple pajri this one could prevent or bidders Satuna foods that are very fatty. Therefore most when there is a grain curry goat and so very much fat, processed foods will be mandatory as this one, because it can neutralize fatty foods earlier. These foods if you try very tempting tablets, especially when presented with a spicy flavor that is fitting, complete already existing flavors in the food tasty. For that please you just try to make their own preparations to this one.

30. Pulut Berinti / Pulut nucleated

Pulut if interpreted in the Java language means sticky. Foodstuffs that one is always processed into typical hawker in various areas, such as dodol one of them. But in Riau Islands there are foods that are familiar to you, that Pulut core. Pulut core can be interpreted sticky rice mixed with various ingredients and stuffing, if in Java say Lemper.

But if Lemper using chicken meat as a filling. While Pulut core of Riau Islands Using a mixture of brown sugar, grated coconut, flour, and other ingredients as filling.

31. Roti canai / Canai Bread

Canai Bread is a kind of flat bread (flatbread) with Indian influences, which are found in Indonesia and Malaysia. This bread can be found at mamak outlets in Malaysia or in restaurants Aceh in Indonesia. In Singapore, this kind of bread called Prata Bread. The shape and material similar to kerala porotta. This bread is very flat because it is made by twisting up thin, then folded and baked with oil, or can also by spreading the dough as thinly as possible on the grill.

In Indonesia, the Canai Bread was served with curried goat or sheep.

32. Roti jala / bread nets

Bread net is one kind of wet cake which is a traditional Malay snacks. although it bears the name of bread, but the bread shape resembles the shape of the mesh is no bread in general. why is called the bread nets? because the characteristic of a typical Malay mesh bakery has the form of a thin, hollow or perforated like a net or nets are commonly used by fishermen to catch fish.

Because the typical Malay famous as a snack, it is not strange anymore if nets delicious bread is popular in North Sumatra, Riau, Aceh, Peninsular Malaysia and the State of Singapore. whereas bread nets actually comes from India. in India's bread nets known as Roti Prata. Roti Prata reminds us with Bread / Canai Bread / Maryam Bread in countries Singapore called Prata Bread yes.

33. Sambal mangga / mango sauce

Mango is a fruit name that certainly has a lot of fans. The fruit that is usually enjoyed free of charge when ripe. but this fruit can also be enjoyed while still young in particular by processed first into the food is fresh and delicious. nah, on this occasion we would enjoy mangoes and processed first is by way made into chilli mango. Mango sauce is one type of condiment often enjoyed. Perhaps these foods can be called by the name of a fruit salad of mango, mango here but we will be the shape shaved into small lengths. Sambal mango certainly have a peppery taste the same as other types of sauce. To level mango taste hot sauce is indeed able ditentuka to your liking.

34. Sambal bilis kacang / Bilis chilli beans

White rice bean sauce plus bilis is a combination that is very fitting really, do not want to make a stop to eat, due to a combination of nuts and ikan bilis which makes do not want to stop to eat.

35. Sambal belacan / sambal belacan

Sambal belacan or commonly known as sambal balacan is already very common and favorite of residents chili lovers. Generally belacan chili recipe is found and becomes a typical area of the island of Sumatra and Malaysia only. However usut calibaration outdoor areas of the island of Sumatra and Malaysia or areas of Java island also familiar with this sauce, but moved at a different name of course. The name that is known for sambal belacan is also known as chili paste.

36. Sambal lingkong gonggong / Sambal Lingkong gonggong

Sambal Lingkung Bangka Belitung Bangka is typical dishes are made from fish and blended with herbs of choice with original recipes typical of Bangka made with the environment so delicious condiment to accompany your meal every evening.

37. Sop ikan Batam / Fish soup Batam

Batam Fish Soup is one recipe that is much-loved by the people, besides it tastes good and typical, batam fish soup recipe is also very easy to make.
Fish is one of the aquatic animal species that have a high nutritional content, which can be processed into various types of cuisine. One of them is quite common is cooked into a soup. Fish taste delicious and nutritious coupled with savory soup that is so, the more increases the appetite to be high

38. Sotong masak hitam / Cuttlefish ripe black

This is one of the typical dishes of Malay Tanjungpinang, also called the cuttlefish with squid. These cuttlefish in ink and cook using a more savory taste even without using MSG because it contains glutamic acid, although less attractive appearance, but it's not as bad as it looks.

39. Siput Gonggong / snails Gonggong

Snails bark has a unique flavor that is somewhat similar to calamari. Chewy texture. To eat, we had to scrape the meat out of the shell with a toothpick. How to seek information can not be arbitrary. Directions ferret must follow the flow so that the meat snail shells out smoothly. One can make the scraping flesh torn off and remaining immersed in the shell without we can match again.

Almost all the seafood restaurants in Tanjung Pinang and Bintan Island provides a menu snails barking. This food is so delicious and rare, so anyone who visited Batam definitely took time to menyicipinya. This simple culinary enthusiasts are no longer limited to local residents, but to the entire Indonesia.

40. Siput sedot / snails suction

Snails breathe or also known as belitung [1], red-eye snails Shellfish is a kind of freshwater snails which may be in the eating and sold in the market, especially farmers' market. Its scientific name is Cerithidea obtusa.

Know snails breathe or never ate goulash snails breathe? Snails breathe has been a traditional food source since ancient times. Snails also been cultivated in our country so that their habitat is not extinct, s


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