Cuisine Most Favorite In Aceh

Located at the western end of Indonesia, Aceh earth Veranda of Mecca turned out to save a lot of wealth that are well known or not revealed by the multitude of them is the typical food of Aceh. Although the 2004 earthquake gunjangan been shattered by the tsunami as well, but Aceh is still sturdy and even more advanced as today. Nothing has changed with the taste typical dishes Aceh, still tasty and delicious.

Typical culinary Aceh quite a lot and if you mention certainly there are more than 100 native Acehnese food eaten, we mentioned 40 A delicious traditional foods Aceh and must be tested.

1. Asam Sunti / Acid Sunti

Acid sunti / sunti / boh sunti is a typical extra spice in the culinary / food preparations Aceh, many processed foods that use sunti as a spice, although there are many menus that also does not include sunti. Sunti is starfruit / starfruit vegetable preserved by salting and drying process in order to be stored longer, can be used in the long term, give a distinctive flavor than fresh starfruit and can be applied into a variety of processed foods.

2. Ayam Tangkap / Chicken Catch

Chicken Catch Aceh is the typical cuisine made of chicken fried with herbs and spices typical.
The habit of eating chicken catch has become part of the culture of the people of Aceh. Chicken processing is not hard it is only by frying having previously been first given a savory seasoning that when eaten. Spices are used like garlic, pepper, nutmeg, salt, and ginger. Once seasoned, and fried chicken about 5-10 minutes. At the same time, also included a few handfuls of leaves that will be served with the chicken so that the flavor of spices foliage helped sink into the meat of chicken. The leaves are used, including curry leaves, pandan leaf pieces, and greeting Koja. The leaves are later covered dish of chicken catch on a stack of plates.

Once the chicken is cooked, this foliage is still served with chicken covered so it looks chicken deliberately placed under the foliage. These leaves apart as the appeal of the dish, and can be used as a complement to the chicken pieces dry vegetables. If still in the warm, dry these leaves taste like crackers.

In beberapat place, the cuisine is dubbed with the term due to the tsunami chicken dish is usually served with dishes such irregularity is dispersed after the tsunami.

3. Bada Reuteuek / Bada Reuteuek

Bada Reuteuk a traditional cake from Aceh. Its main ingredient is made from rice flour and green beans. However, there are some areas of its main ingredients are different, there is the use of wheat flour and coconut. Bada Reuteuek a regular small meals at meal with a cup of coffee or tea to fill the evening.

4. Boh Puniaram / Boh Puniaram

Boh Puniaram is a kind of meatball typical of Aceh Besar. Because it was served in a feast of death, then this cuisine made simple. When ordinary cakes made from the meat, then one dish that is made from coconut grater flavored with various spices such as pepper, lemon grass, lime leaves etc. Then the dough is mixed with eggs and molded round and then fried.

Although made from simple ingredients, but taste very delicious !! Moreover sauce eaten with fat. Oh, delicious. It's hard to describe how it feels, but more or less almost similar to beulacan of Pidie.

5. Dalca / Dalca

Dalca is a curry dish that is usually served during the holidays, dalca eaten together with the diamond and other menus. The meat used to make dalca is beef nanmun in some areas also use goat meat to make dalcaDalca is a healthy menu because they do not use coconut milk and meat isianya besides there is also a wide variety of vegetables such as carrots, string beans, eggplant and tomatoes.Dalca is a curry dish that is usually served during the holidays, dalca eaten together with the diamond and other menus. The meat used to make dalca is beef nanmun in some areas also use goat meat to make dalcaDalca is a healthy menu because they do not use coconut milk and meat isianya besides there is also a wide variety of vegetables such as carrots, string beans, eggplant and tomatoes.

6. Eungkot Paya / Eungkot Paya

Stew Eungkot Paya Typical Aceh is the typical food of Aceh made of catfish, catfish cooked with toasted coconut and spices typical of Aceh that leaves temurui and sunti acid thereby increasing the culinary delights of Aceh this one.

7. Gule Rampoe / Gule Rampoe

Indonesia is rich in culinary tastes, well seasoned spiced want any less. Vegetable nodes is one kind of vegetable dishes berkuah that do not use excessive seasoning. Gulee Rampoe is one that only uses salt as a seasoning penyedapnya. Acehnese traditional cuisine is said Gulee Rampoe probably because vegetables used are various types of vegetables that exist in nature.

8. Kuwah Eungkot Yee / Kuwah Eungkot Yee

Eungkot Yee or shark by the Acehnese people can be used as food ingredients are very special and delicious. Well, if you hear the name of Shark certainly seem very daunting. How could a shark used as a food? Do not be surprised tablets, the people of Aceh in several areas, especially for the western part of Aceh, shark, superbly cooked curried be very delicious. But, if you have not tried it and enjoy pleasures. marinade ingredients made from herbs are very distinctive as teumurui leaves and leaf Kruet makes gulainya be typical aroma.

9. Kuwah Itek / Kuwah Itek

Kuwah Itek (duck curry) curry duck is typical of Aceh. The goulash is made of ducks village that is processed in a way that is dressed with the typical spice blend complicated Aceh and complete so as to produce a different taste. Curried duck famous among the people of Aceh is artificial duck curry Bireuen area for highly viscous marinade produced from freshly squeezed coconut milk.

10. Kuwah Manok / Manok Kuah

Manok sie goulash or chicken curry is one kind of goulash which was phenomenal in Aceh. Almost throughout Aceh making this dish as a main course special events such as weddings, baby shower, to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, and other specific days. Arguably, this cuisine is a tradition of ancestors past. One of the uniqueness of this manok sie curry dishes is to add a distinctive flavor of Aceh not exist in other areas, namely U Neulheu or grated coconut roasted and mashed. Given u neulheu this, certainly adds to the taste of this dish alone.
Many rice shop in Aceh providing this Hotel Dining. In fact, people who sell savory rice in a wagon, making sie manok goulash as main dishes. No wonder if this is the kind of cuisine like beef rendang curry in West Sumatra that characterizes her. Here's the recipe and how to make goulash sie typical manok Aceh.

11. Kuwah Sie Kameng / Kuah Sie Kameng

The curry goat or sie kameng, is one of the most popular foods in Aceh. Spices such as pepper, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, ketapan, cumin, carcass and other 20 kinds of spices and do not forget the goat meat used as an ingredient culinary preparations this one.

Wealth spices fresh and processed materials that are the main requirements to the culinary delights of this known through various areas, including in Jakarta.

Cooked using a large iron pot and continue to be heated, so that whenever ordered, curry goat is always in hot conditions. Her goat meat was tender and no smell

12. Kanji Rumbi / Kanji Rumbi

Kanji Rumbi is a kind of porridge with unique flavors in the province, similar to porridge chicken sold in other regions of Indonesia. Kanji Rumbi rice cooked with major material and herbs as a complementary tastes rempahm usually kanji Rumbi also mixed with shrimp and chunks of meat. Other additional important enough for these foods are vegetables such as carrots and potatoes are diced and cooked with boiled rice when cooked. Rumbi Kanji is easy once we have encountered in villages in Aceh during Ramadan, especially in the district of Pidie where kanji Rumbi provided free of charge at the mosque and meunasah as food to break the fast together. In some city districts in Aceh division of kanji Rumbi is also facilitated by the local government and the division performed in the great mosque. Usually for the fasting person to eat kanji Rumbi can reliably maintain digestive after a day of fasting.

13. Kue Karah / Cakes Karah

Tartar cake is a traditional cake originating from Aceh that still survive today, a cursory look like noodles hun. tawny color, which is made of natural color that is used in fried dough using oil. And its shape is also visible from the texture is crisp and savory. Most of these communities menyutnya tartar cake with the name of the Bird's Nest cake, probably because of its shape like the Bird's Nest.

14. Eungkot Keumamah / Eungkot Keumamah

Eungkot Keumamah is more typical dishes Aceh to taste very challenging. Just like shape, fish keumamah made of tuna that has been boiled and dried and then sliced. Keumamah fish can be cooked using various food ingredients, such as coconut milk, potatoes, green chilies and other ingredients Rempahan. During the Aceh war against the Dutch in the wilderness, type of cuisine is very famous because it is very easy to carry and cooked.

15. Kuah Pliek U / Kuah Pliek U

Kuah Pliek U is unfamiliar to other regions, but not in Aceh, this cuisine is the most typical culinary Aceh. Recipes Kuah pliek U is the ancestral heritage of the people of Aceh with a distinctive rich flavor with spices. The main Raw Material Recipe Kuah Pliek U is pliek ie residual oil dregs of making coconut oil that has undergone decay dried. If you have difficulty getting Pliek and Sunti acid in your area, you can order or buy in a grocery shop which merchants from Aceh, usually those stocks for themselves or sold for personal entertainment. This time we want to share Recipes Typical Aceh namely Kuah Pliek U, the following recipe and how to make gravy pliek u typical Aceh

16. Kuwah Tuhe / Kuwah Tuhe

In the archipelago known by a variety of thin foods called compote. The food is very popular and is known throughout Indonesia. Because the manufacturing is easy, almost unknown local variations in the recipe. It was also almost the same: sweet and sticky. Normally, this menu is often served on the fasting month or Lebaran. In Aceh, there is a kind of food called tuhe sauce. Culinary can be eaten with other additives. One of them sticky rice. The people of Aceh call these foods bulukat tuhe sauce.

17. Martabak Aceh / Martabak Aceh

Culinary typical city of the Veranda of Mecca, this Aceh has some uniqueness. Eggs which used to be the content covered by skin martabak, if martabak Aceh contrary, martabak leather wrapped by egg flat (resembling the process results pendadaran). Maybe because it's a lot of people who dub martabak Aceh as martabak inverse or opposite.

In large cities, many sellers martabak Aceh, because it is so well-known culinary across the archipelago. A matter of taste, you definitely made hooked. Mother country also had terpincut with typical martabak Aceh, probably because of its unique

18. Masak Puteh / Cooking Puteh

Talk about cooking Aceh must not be separated from the eating habits of the people of Aceh. The cuisine is inseparable from the use of herbs. The taste of herbs and spices that is solid, highly arouse your appetite, so it is not rare people who were eating up sweating.One of the dishes that make the Acehnese people's tastes and appetite of "SIE MASAK PUTEH" .Sie masah Puteh or danging white cook cook with coconut milk, which will make you drool to immediately try it.

19. Asam Keueng / Acid Keueng

Keueng acid is a concoction of spices typical of Aceh blend spices with sunti acid. Sunti acid is a condiment made from fermented starfruit and has gone through the process of drying for a few days. This seasoning spice processed food is typical in each of Aceh.

Keung delicious seasoning of acid once when collaborated with catfish, snapper, tuna or fish. Pengolahhan fry cooking are quite simple, namely by sauteing the spices and then cooked together sunti acid extra fish that have been cleaned, and broth. The cuisine is also called sour fish curry spice keueng Aceh.

20. Meuseukat / Meuseukat

Meuseukat is similar dodol confectionary typical Aceh because of its soft texture and sweet taste. The sweet taste is obtained from pineapple fruit is used in the making that cake is also called pineapple dodol. This cake adalaha white color because it uses only flour without food coloring. The yellow color is due to the pineapple is used as a mixture.

21. Mie Aceh / Mie Aceh

Mie Aceh is a thick yellow noodles. In addition to seafood, sliced beef or pork, and served in a similar soup curry is spicy and savory. Perhaps for this reason that makes the noodles in Aceh is very tasty and delicious, and is known not only in Aceh or archipelago alone, but is known to foreign tourists.

Mie Aceh are generally two types, namely dry fried noodles Aceh and Aceh noodles were soggy. Both in sprinkle with fried onions, melinjo crackers, slices of raw onion, chili sauce raw, slice of cucumber, and lime.

22. Nasi Gurih Aceh / Rice Savory Aceh

Rice Savory Typical Aceh is the breakfast menu which is highly favored by the people of Aceh, savory rice is actually on when the manufacturing process is similar to cooking rice as usual but that distinguishes savory rice cooked with a mixture of coconut milk plus a choice spices typical of Aceh so that adds to the enjoyment of the rice , In the presentation presented with a menu of savory rice plihan eg chicken legs, fried tempeh, sliced cucumber, omelet, belacan, fried onions and basil. Well, for those who are curious will Savory Rice recipe Typical Aceh's very tasteful.

23. Payeh / Payeh

The people of Aceh recognize these foods as payeh. The typical cuisine is a way of food processing fish with the help of banana leaves to wrap along with the marinade. With a mix of spices and crushed and wrapped in banana leaves, payeh portray himself as a different menu with Pepes.

The people of Aceh recognize these foods as payeh. The typical cuisine is a way of food processing fish with the help of banana leaves to wrap along with the marinade. With a mix of spices and crushed and wrapped in banana leaves, payeh portray himself as a different menu with Pepes.

24. Jruek Drien / Jruek Drien

Of the typical cuisine of South Aceh and couldn already learned, the most attractive to women who are often called Wardah Jruek Drien goulash (stew sour durian). Because, in addition to more menggunakansayur vegetables as the main ingredient, curry Drien Jruek is also quite unique: It can only be made when the durian harvest season.

25. Peunajoh Tho Bungong Kayee / Peunajoh Tho Bungong Kayee

Kue kering khas Aceh ini memiliki bentuk seperti bunga. Warna dasarnya putih pucat dengan dua bagian kelopak diberi corak hijau dan merah. Peunajoh tho bungong kayee memiliki tekstur keras dan rasa yang sangat manis.

Bungong kayee atau bunga kayu merupakan kue tradisional yang banyak ditemui di wilayah pantai barat Aceh. Selain bunga, ada pula yang berbentuk daun. Kue tradisional Aceh ini merupakan jenis peunajoh tho atau kue kering.

26. Roti Cane / Bread Cane

Cane bread is a flat bread that came from India and Indonesia are also commonly found in Malaysia. In Indonesia there is an area that many stall - stall selling bread cane is in the region of Aceh. The shape and material of bread cane similar to kerala porotta. This bread is very flat because it is made by twisting up thin, then folded and baked with oil, or can also by spreading the dough as thinly as possible on the grill.

27. Roti Jala / Bread Jala

The bread served at the net often in the kendara feast or banquet feast. Provision is quite easy and short. But there are many who love to provide it because he is rather complicated and quite lazy boy mengirai bread nets.

Piquancy bread nets depending on the softness and piquancy accompanying sauce. If the soft bread and savory curry sauce, the bread larislah the net.

There are many methods of providing bread nets, there are recipes that use coconut milk and no less also the use of liquid milk. The habits recipes that use coconut milk is not durable and perishable. If any penyipanannya and operational way, then he corrupted.

28. Sambal Ganja / Sambal Marijuana

Marijuana turned out to be a typical dish of Aceh, do not believe? Just come to the diner Aceh there is always a menu on this one. In this place are the people smoking cannabis without fear of dealing with the law. Eits but do not get me wrong, marijuana here is a typical culinary Aceh called Sambal Ganja.
Hearing the name of sambal marijuana would first come to your mind is a marijuana leaf vegetable dishes like mixed in the menu or even illicit cannabis plant. Sambal marijuana Aceh is not unclean food, it's just a matter of naming only unique but the composition of this sauce rely distinctive taste starfruit and shrimp.
Sambal Aceh is different from other such sambal chilli-tomato sauce or chili paste. Sour taste dominates this sauce and sambal was precisely the distinctiveness of the Veranda of Mecca. Starfruit used as the trigger while the sour taste of shrimp used as penonjol savory flavors. All that is mixed with spices to produce a steady sense of chili.
Use of starfruit in making this sauce due to the Aceh region rich in plants of this type. One more thing that must always be presented in Aceh is that marijuana sambal spicy flavors that explode in the mouth. Cuisine from the area at the west end Indonesia is indeed always synonymous with a spicy taste, suitable to be enjoyed by lovers of spicy cuisine.
Sambal cannabis is very fitting to be complementary specialties such as chicken Aceh catch. Chicken catch a culinary icon in the province and has been very popular in Indonesia. Characteristic of this meal is the chicken meat is cut into small pieces and seasoned with various spices and then fried until crispy. There is also added as pandanus leaves, curry leaves and green chilies are stirred together so it looks membres.

29. Sambai Asam Udeueng / Sambai Acid Udeueng

The word sambal always tempting us lovers of spicy food. Sometimes foods that do not have a spicy taste less complete in our tongue, chili has a sensation of its own and a distinctive flavor,

Assortment various kinds of sauce that makes us a lot of options like chili Aceh this one call with sour sauce udeueng namely Aceh cuisine made from boiled shrimp with spicy flavor seasoning sour adan.

30. Sambai On Peugaga / Sambai On Peugaga

'Sambai oen peugaga' for example, means chili and oen sambai peugaga itself is peugagan leaf or in Latin known as Ciliantro. But wait, if you think this sauce is red, spicy, blended tomato and others, certainly different from peugaga sambai on this.

Moreover, the month of fasting, sambai oen peugaga often used as a favorites menu for dishes when eating rice. Spicy flavor, blend chopped leaves, and alloys sunti acid and grated coconut really feels on the tongue.

Even in the traditional markets in Aceh, peugagan leaf is also easy to find. Usually sold in banana leaf packet that is fairly affordable.

31. Sate Matang / Sate Matang

Sate Matang is puncture the meat in the form of satay in the province of Aceh. Sate is called satay skewers cooked because the beginning was introduced by the seller in the town Matang Geuleumpang Two a city district in Bireuen district. In the 90s this sate popular in several major cities in Aceh, now lots scattered satay seller in Aceh and North Sumatra city of Medan who peddle satay with the label "satay cooked".

The main ingredient cooked satay dishes are mutton, goat meat prices in connection with the more expensive it is often cooked skewers made using beef. The process of making and cooking satay cooked satay not much different from other areas in Indonesia, pieces of meat that have been cleaned and diced in small sizes. Once pinned on skewers puncture and then soaked in batter seasoning spices in the form of a rather long time. Furthermore skewers ready to be burned in the oven.

As a complement goat broth is typical for a sprinkling of chives, a little lumpy and taste spices like curry. The spices used in making broth produces a strong aroma, fresh and warm. The spices used consists of cardamom, star anise, cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

32. Sie Reuboh / Sie Reuboh

Si Reuboh (meat stew) is not just a regular boiled meat. Aceh Besar typical dishes can last a month or more, and will not be stale. Dishes made from beef, goat or buffalo has been inherited from generation to generation and must exist at the dining table in the Meugang.

33. Sop Sumsum / Sop Marrow

Sop bone marrow in the form of soup containing beef marrow in the bones and beef bones have been cut to the marrow can be enjoyed through a straw or pour it directly onto the plate. Beef bone marrow soup is served hot with pieces of beef blended with a very tasteful and tasty using typical spice blend Aceh.

34. Teh Tarik / Tea Tarik

Teh tarik Aceh is serving tea drink made from brewed tea blends and added with sweetened condensed milk. The name itself comes from the way the attraction of making his tea poured into two glasses alternately and repeatedly as he pulled when poured to produce a frothy drink tea. Teh tarik is composed of tea, hot water and sweetened condensed milk are teh tarik original simpler and faster to manufacture. If you want to vary, teh tarik also can be combined with a piece of black grass jelly with presentation, written with ice cubes.

35. Timphan / Timphan

Timphan is cake / dishes typical of Aceh when Eid / feast of good feast of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Timphan have made one or two days before Eid and durability can achieve more for less seminngu, Timphan is the main course menu for guests who visit home when widths.

For Acehnese both located in Aceh until the whole world is not familiar ama no pastry / dough on this one, because it has become a tradition for generations and common knowledge in Aceh that the name Timphan any mothers or women in Aceh could make it.

Timphan which is mushy food wrapped in banana leaves is the most famous young is Timphan srikaya taste. Before Lebaran usually mothers had prepared a good young banana leaf picking in the garden or buy in the market.

So famous is Timphan in Aceh, so a lot of expression / proverb with Timphan words such as "Uroe goet buluen goet Timphan ma Peugoet beumeuteme taste" (Good day good month for Timphan mother should be felt).

36. Rujak Aceh / Rojak Aceh

Who does not know a salad? Almost everyone has been eating the food on this one. The taste is fresh made food is suitable consumed during hot weather. Just like noodles Aceh, Aceh salad is also different from other salad. if rujak usually use fruit, fruit salad using thatch typical Aceh Aceh. Fruit, its leaves are often used to make the roof of the house. This salad is very delicious eaten in a cold state.

37. Kopi Aceh / Coffee Aceh

One of the things you must try during a visit to Aceh was the coffee. Memili Aceh coffee flavor and distinctive aroma. Kind is also quite diverse, ranging from Arabica, Robusta, and Civet. In Aceh there are a few coffee places are quite popular, one of which is coffee Solong in Ulee Kareng area. Or if you want a themed coffee with something that you can get to the area Batoh. Here along the way will be found a variety of interesting coffee shop.

38. Kue Bhoi / Cake Bhoi

This cake is shaped like a koi fish mixed with roasted. If you are visiting Aceh, the cake can be used as souvenirs. This is because CAKE BHOI can survive for months without using preservatives. BHOI most delicious cake served with sweet tea. To get this special food you can visit the central traditional cake is in Lampisang Aceh.