Food and Beverage Can You Find in RIAU

As the capital of the province of Riau, Pekanbaru is a city that is gaining prominence as the "City of the Sorcerer" is, indeed save a lot of the attractions typical Malay mandatory for you to visit.

Starting from a variety of natural attractions, which offers natural beauty and able to provide coolness, or a variety of other recreational locations are aplenty provide an atmosphere filled with joy. All attractions are in the city is certainly able to spoil your eyes. Moreover, the uniqueness and beauty of the culture of the Malays, became one of the main tourist dish that you can enjoy this city. The Riau diprovinsi city, can be regarded as a reference center of Malay culture that exist in Indonesia.
Well, a lot of activities that we can do in order to enjoy the variety of cultures, including that by enjoying a variety of culinary delights typical Malay ethnic society, which certainly can spoil your tongue.
Society in the city of Pekanbaru, can also be regarded as a heterogeneous society.
Besides dominated by the majority ethnic Malays, you will also find a variety of other tribes who settled studying abroad. Well, as well as a variety of culinary delights this city, you can actually enjoy an enormous range of culinary offerings typical of the city of Pekanbaru and certainly able to make your tongue dance.
There are a lot of places that are scattered in all corners on the Pekanbaru city center, and of course obliged to visit in order to enjoy a variety of culinary offerings typical of studying abroad.
Start of places to eat in the form of an international resataurant at some five-star hotel, to various places simple meal or a place with unique shapes, and definitely a lot of serving culinary delights as well as typical, with flavors so delicious also scrumptious.

1. Air Mata Pengantin / Tear Bridal

Ice antigonon is one of the original drink that comes from the Indonesian Riau. This drink has a very unique name. Although the name of this drink strange but the taste of that one drink is very fresh and tasty. Nowadays many people trying to find a recipe ice antigonon curiosity with the taste of this drink.

Antigonon ice recipe actually has a material composition that is easy to get. If you are going to make ice antigonon this then you must make sure that the materials you use are still fresh so that the freshness of this drink that you can see. You are better to drink these beverages during the day because it will make your throat more fresh.

2. Bangket Durian / Banqueting Durian

Banqueting durian cake culinary archipelago is one that comes from the province of Riau, when you traveled there surely find these pastries.

3. Bolu Kemojo/Kamboja / Bolu Kemojo / Cambodia

One of the unique culinary heritage of Indonesia, which until now maintained masi is a sponge cake kemojo. Kemojo sponge cake is a cake in the form of food that comes from the Pekanbaru in Riau. The food is of course already a trademark of the city of Pekanbaru. For those of you who are visiting stricken Pekanbaru in Riau, please take a moment of your time to try a cookie recipe that is popular this. It does not seem to be complete when you visit the stricken Riau but you do not taste the culinary snacks typical of the city. The food is made from a mixture of eggs, flour, milk and other ingredients. Kemojo sponge cake is ideal served as a menu buaka your fasting and family or can be served when there is a celebration event for example also shows another large. For the quality of sponge cake kemojo feels it can no doubt because it tastes good so as to make everyone become addicted.

4. Bolu Berendam / Bolu Bath

Bolu soak (Halue Egg) is a type of cake / meal typical of one of the Riau Province, which is the county Indragiri Hulu.

Although the food sponge soaking (halue eggs) is a typical food, but many of us yangbelum know, for makaan can not we meet or we buy at the store or shop. The food can only be encountered on a special day, such as in the reception and the day of Eid

If we see the same shape with a sponge sponge soaking usual. His trademark is a small form small bleak reins of mangosteen. The shape is produced by using a mold / pan-shaped flowers such as mangosteen. Taste very sweet sponge soaking, because before serving this food soaked in water and white sugar, such as fruits halue dish. However, when sugar was served water / sirupnya not carried along with a sponge soaking it, but separated.

5. Es Laksamana Mengamuk / Ice Admiral rampage

Admiral Raging ice is cold beverages using kuini fruit as the main ingredient. That said, the existence of this drink originated from berserk kuini an admiral in the garden. The admiral rampage because his wife was taken away by the owner of the garden kuini. Admiral-nebaskan slashing his sword to the rest, up to tens of fruit kuini destroyed because of this anger. After completing his anger admiral and go home, people around the garden kuini kuini took dozens of pieces that have been mutilated and lay on the grass. At first, people are confused, what to do with the fruit kuini who have mutilated them. Until one wantia, mixing pieces of fruit kuini it with coconut milk and brown sugar. Be refreshment, which at that time, be enjoyed by the entire village.

6. Gendar Ketan Hitam / Gendar Ketan Black

Gendar is a food made of glutinous rice, gendar the more frequently encountered usually gendar white to brass because beraes glutinous yagn used is white glutinous rice, to process glutinous rice into gendar typically used Borax is very harmful to the body as compound borax the same with borax.

7. Juice Jagung Manis / Sweet Corn Juice

Sweet Corn Juice is fresh and tasty drinks that come from Pekanbaru, Riau. In at Paris restaurant located in Pekanbaru-Riau average supply of corn juice.

Sweet corn is one plant species that contain high enough calories very needed by our bodies in order to get enough energy to start your activities.

However, it is not possible if we eat corn everywhere, well now we have a practical way to consume the corn very easy to carry anywhere that processes it into a juice that is very delicious.

8. Juice 3 Rasa / Juice 3 Taste

Three flavors juice is juice made from a mixture of three types of fruit. Three pieces in question are guava, papaya fruit and bananas. Well, these three flavors juice recipe is a typical drink Riau like the people there.

Juice with a mixture of three types of this fruit contains a lot of benefits for your body. Well, if you are interested in juice three distinctive flavor Riau? Did you ever taste the delicious juice Riau three distinctive flavor? Well, it means you have to try it.

Guava fruit contains antioxidants that can increase your body's metabolism. Papaya contains papain enzyme that serves to soften the meat and modify other proteins that are easily digested foods. Furthermore, bananas contain vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and iron are useful for the smooth functioning of the brain. Well, not only seen three typical taste delicious juice Riau alone but can be also useful.

9. Kue Bangket Jeruk Nipis / Banqueting cake Lime

Cakes rise is typical Malay cakes that can be easily we meet in the province of Riau, Riau Islands and its surroundings. Named the cake to rise because its size will expand doubled when it was baked. This cake cookies into the group because it is crisp and can be retained for long periods of time. Delicious cake is perfect served with tea to accompany our relaxing time.

10. Kue Bawang / Onion Cakes

Onion cakes are usually popular during the holiday of Eid, where this cake into a jar filler in many homes. Despite its popularity once arguably almost a year, but for my own making anytime is a preoccupation of its own.

11. Lenggang / Onion Cakes

Pempek lenggang is one kind pempek famous. At first glance looks like the scrambled eggs but contain pempek and eaten with cuko. Just as pempek existing egg egg, but the difference if pepperoni pizzas contain egg inside her, pempek sauntered just the opposite. Pempek lenggang made of pempek lenjer and is one alternative to eating pempek need to try.

Pempek lenggang cooked in this way can also be grilled or fried it. The easiest way to make pempek swing is by using pempek lenjer diced and then fried with egg mixture.

12. Pais udang / Pais shrimp

Pais shrimp is a dish that comes from Lampung archipelago, which is a dish of grilled prawn dipepes with various condiments such as grated young coconut and fragrant basil leaves to taste.

13. Pindang Jamur / Pindang Mushrooms

Pindang Mushrooms may be a bit foreign to us who are in the area of ​​Java. Although at some point we can find this dish, but it turns out this cuisine is the cuisine of the region of Palembang in South Sumatra. Although fame pindang recipe can not be equated with pempek, but that does not mean it's not a favor. Mushrooms are used here are not the usual oyster mushrooms, but the mushrooms boiled uses palm fungus that can be found in the Sumatra region with a large number. While in Java, West Java, Central Java and Central Java, palm trees we find very difficult and almost non-existent.

Pindang Mushrooms cooked with spicy seasoning is also given a little gravy that taste very delicious. For those of you who are hungry will certainly be swallowed see this fungus boiled dish cuisine. Not necessarily mushroom derived from palm oil, if in your area there are no mushrooms like this, they can replace it with using fungi similar or often called the oyster mushrooms. Because if you're cooking with the same spice, the taste obtained will be similar or even the same. So do not be disappointed, because there are other fungi that can replace the oil fungus

14. Rujak Maharaja / Rujak Maharaja

Salad is a dish of fruit salad typical of Indonesia, but in some other countries there is also a dish kind of similar, salad is fruit-buahahan variegated were cut into pieces and put together into one container further these fruits doused with a seasoning that has a spicy flavor and sweet, differ on salad in general, using brown sugar rujak maharaja using sugar in pembuatanya, the fruit was just fruits used were not so than fruit on the salad in other areas such as the betawi. but the maharaja had keistimewaanya own salad.

15. Sambal Belacan / Sambal shrimp paste

Sambal belacan or commonly known as sambal balacan is already very common and favorite of residents chili lovers. Generally belacan chili recipe is found and becomes a typical area of the island of Sumatra and Malaysia only. However usut calibaration outdoor areas of the island of Sumatra and Malaysia or areas of Java island also familiar with this sauce, but with a different name of course. The name that is known for sambal belacan is also known as chili paste.

16. Sambal Goreng Campur / Mixed fried chilli

chili mix-mix named because in it there is potatoes, bananas, chicken liver quail eggs together.

17. Sayur Kasam / Vegetable Kasam

Kassam is a side dish that manufacture food from mixing fish and kepayang preserved in the long term. Kassam is a typical food Baturaja native city of Palembang in South Sumatra.


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