Culinary what is most favored in BANTEN ?

Banten Province is a province located on the western tip of Java island. Province which stood since 2000 is known by a variety of attractive tourist and rich history. However, who would have thought it Banten store a variety of culinary specialties no less delicious culinary-typical culinary another province. Curious? Here's his review.

1. Ayam bekakak / chicken bekakak

Bakakak chicken is processed whole chicken that is grilled to advance in ungkep with sweet spice blend. In the area of West Java, bakakak chicken is served on special days such as the day of the wedding and circumcision. This bakakak chicken in simbolkan as alms from those who had the livelihood for the people.

2. Apem Putih / Apem White

Traditional cake with a simple display and simple is a typical white apem Pandeglang, Banten. Apem white cake has a chewy texture to the shape of cute and adorable. Sweetness contained in the joy of making pie pastry apem white refined household industry is no less competitive with processed cake factory. Processing using furnace also adds to the traditional characteristics on this cake. apem white cake dish fitted if presented during hours of casual, family and or current riungan Ta'jil fasting.

Sweetness contained in apem white cake mix is the result of a material with real sugar cookie dough and most fitting eaten while still in a warm state.

3. Cuwer / Cuwer

Cuwer green cake eaten with coconut steamed.

4. Emping / emping

Is a kind of snack chips made by crushing the raw materials (usually made from the seeds melinjo) until smooth and then dried in the sun.

Making melinjo begins with roasting melinjo, then peeled and diluted with a hammer kind of stone. These foods are produced oledih small entrepreneurs, usually melinjo produced by industrial areas, for example in the district of Klaten, Batang, Kendal regency, Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java, namely in Magetan regency and Bantul district. Emping mostly exported to the Middle East and the United States.

Actual chips can be made from various materials, provided that the material contains enough starch. There are chips made from corn grain (by craftsmen in the area in Yogyakarta) and chips made from tubers puzzle.

Emping also included in the presentation of porridge, gado-gado, Ketoprak, and so forth. As a stand-alone snack chips are also sold in the form of chips Balado.

5. Gemblong / Gemblong

Gemblong is a kind of traditional food or traditional Indonesian cake that belongs to the group snacks. Gemblong made of glutinous rice flour dough white diuleni until smooth and round shaped like a ball. Then the dough gemblong had formed round after cold fried and coated with a solution of palm sugar. In the area of East Java gemblong known Getas. Although it has the same taste, Getas made from black glutinous rice, while gemblong made of white sticky rice.

6. Gipang / Gipang

Snacks which one is said to be one of the typical snacks Banten are sold as souvenirs. It feels crisp, sweet, slightly sticky because made of glutinous rice mixed with sugar water. Want to taste?

Arguably the ingredients for the cake gipang very simple. The main ingredient to make glutinous rice is white or red sticky rice. Once steamed, sticky rice and then cooled and washed in clean water and sticky rice was dried until dry. Well, then then fried and mixed with sugar water so that the texture is typical bit sticky when eaten.

Gipang finished and cut into thin slices. If the first gipang not have a flavor variation, gipang now made in various flavors such as pandan flavor and brown sugar. There is also smeared with peanut butter on it to give a savory taste savory tasty.

Now gipang arguably confectionary which is quite rare, not many sellers of these snacks outside the city of Serang. Even in Banten itself gipang only made in home-based industries in the villages. Though these snacks have a huge potential, because in addition to good taste gipang price is very affordable.

7. Jojorong / Jojorong

Cake jojorong is derived from the offerings, cakes jojorong is often presented in events such large weddings, circumcisions, and so forth, in the cake jojorong there are distinctive taste and exciting, especially with the fragrant aroma of the leaves suji, in added with too salty from coconut milk, it seems more interesting, one food is also quite famous food offerings, so do not be surprised if many fans cake jojorong this, if you are on vacation kedaerah offerings do not forget to enjoy this cake because rarely do we found in traditional markets

Jojorong cake is a food made from starch, rice flour and brown sugar. It feels unique and different from the typical cakes in general. But have no identity as baking cakes Indonesia Indonesia in general Jojorong cake is wrapped in leaves.

8. Keceprek Melinjo / Keceprek Melinjo

Chips and Keceprek Foods Pandeglang, Banten. When visiting Banten I was reminded of some of the food that I think only available in Banten ... but maybe just in other areas too, but not as famous as that of Banten. One of these foods made from tangkil / melinjo, I take here is Emping and Kaceprek.

Keceprek Melinjo Sweet snacks from fruits melinjo with the manufacturing process through a thin shape is not perfect, mingled with the maturity of the process so that there is a crispness to taste.

9. Lemeng / Lemeng

Lemeng is in the form of vegetable dish made of beans, bamboo shoots, tempeh, cabbage, shrimp and krecek. The origin of this dish kitchen Cilacap taste better because it uses coconut milk.

10. Nasi Bakar Sumsum / roasted rice marrow

Speaking about rice, almost across the country recognize these snacks as a staple food. Including in the city of Serang, Banten. In Serang, there are main foods made famous rice scrumptious and tasty namely marrow roasted rice. Beginning marrow roasted rice into a typical food in Serang occurred in 1941. At that time butcher animals that work in the area of ​​Serang, see the skeletal remains superfluous to left. The bone was taken home.

Turns out the bones brought attract a buyer to use the bone. The bone was broken to facilitate sales. On the inside of the bone marrow that is unused so disposed by the butcher. it is then exploited his wife. He had the idea to use the marrow to be mixed into the rice and then burned.

Rice mixed marrow and then burned it into a dish of food daily. This habit was heard in the neighborhood who are interested to taste it. This went on, until the wife must label their marrow roasted rice with a price and sell it to the city of Serang using a cart. Unexpectedly, the artificial marrow roasted rice appreciated by the public who tasted.

11. Otak-otak / Brains

Brains are foods made from mackerel minced meat wrapped in banana leaves, baked and served with a spicy sour sauce. These snacks popular in the area around the Strait of Malacca and the Strait Karimata, such as Riau Islands, Singapore, and Malaysia, but spread in various cities in Sumatra and Java. In Malaysia, Muar famous brain-brain. In Indonesia alone brains are often found in Tanjungpinang.

12. Rabeg / rabeg

Rabeg adalah masakan yang berasal dari Jazirah Arab, lalu menyebar di Banten yang terbuat dari daging kambing yang memakai bumbu sederhana. Rasanya gurih dan tidak terlalu berbahaya untuk yang menderita kolesterol karena makanan ini tidak memerlukan santan dalam proses pengolahannya

Rabeg, hidangan khas Banten ini, menghadirkan perkawinan antara kuah gurih manis dengan segarnya serai dan daun jeruk di tengah citarasa rempah pala, cengkeh dan kayu manis, membalut lezatnya jeroan usus dan hati kambing dengan daging kambing yang empuk sedap disantap. Pas buat lauk spesial Lebaran.

13. Sate Bandeng / Sate milkfish

Sate milkfish is a typical food mostly found in Banten and Serang. Food preparations of fish was introduced by the cook Kingdom of Banten in the 16th century to entertain the royal guests. Because fish has many thorns so difficult when consumed, the cook serves a fish in a different way in order to be consumed without difficulty when eating, so that creates milkfish satay and is still popular today.

Sate Khas banding is one of the culinary offerings are obliged to dinikmati.Rasa savory meat processed milkfish using coconut combined with toasted coriander seeds really make Sate milkfish Banten Typical increasingly favors and savory on the tongue of the audience.

14. Sate Bebek / Sate Duck

Banten has the typical food coming from Cibeber Banten. Duck satay also the hallmark of culinary Banten Banten favored by society in general and tourists in particular.

15. Semur Daging (Rabeg) / Beef stew (Rabeg)

Beef stew normally dominated by the taste of sweet and savory onions. But the typical stews Banten because it feels more manteppp dibumbuhi many spices. Condiments were pervasive make this stew so increasingly felt very tasty.

16. Taoge Goreng / Fried bean sprouts

Fried bean sprouts are vegetarian foods, because this dish did not contain animal ingredients. Its main ingredient is bean sprouts, green beans or sprouts. Typically mung bean sprouts is cooked right in front of the buyer immediately after booking, use a simple furnace. Technically, it is not fried bean sprouts using oil, but pan with a little water, or rather boiled with a little hot water. Then sliced ​​out, yellow noodles, and rice cake slices rhombus or added, sauteed with water and heated together. Then the ingredients are already cooked and heated it doused in thick sauce flavored salty-savory made of oncom. Kuah oncom thick is made by sauteing oncom been crushed using a pestle and mortar or pestle, pan using a little oil and add spices, including ginger, onion, bay leaves, sliced ​​tomatoes, leeks, chives, and tauco (pasta fermented soybeans), soy sauce, lemon juice, and salt.


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